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Here is a list of services available at Melbourne Massage and Treatment:

But what you should expect from those services?

Well, in first place, any of those services are hollist services, so can’t be official diagnoses for medical conditions and Giovanni can’t prescribe any medications for it.

Said so, what to expect is a guidance on how muscularscaletol conditions, such as plantar fascitis, tight muscle, muscle tear and more can be looked after.

As massage therapist, Giovanni, can guide you on how possibly the pain manifest.

MLD on Tennis Elbow


Melbourne Massage and Treatment | Coburg and Brunswick Massage Service

On the other hand what habit needs to be implemented or changed in order to reduce the chance for the pain to keep manifesting itself.

In order to change those habits, Giovanni would show you a series of exercises, or he would may suggest a series of change that needs to be implemented.

Changes can be how to seat on the floor, rather then seat on a chair.

Changes wold also include how to stand out of bed.

So, any basic daily movement that you may do, but that can be made better and that can may not create disconfort on the long term.

In addition to all of these, none of those services, includes nudity or sensual massage.

About the individual massage session, like Myotherapy Treatment, Remedial Massage and or Thai Massage, an assessment of the musclular scaletol system would be delivered prior to the treatment.

This assessment included.. a series of ROM.

These assessmente would help Giovanni in understanding what muscle or groups of muscles needs more attention along the treatment.

What I should do before the massage session? | Melbourne Massage and Treatment

Treatment as Myotherapy, Remedial Massage and MLD include to have the body parts that need to be worked exposed.

Said so, having a shower before the treatment would be much appreciated.

You don’t need to wear any purfurme, a deodorant is enough.

Shoudl I shave?

No, you don’t need to shave.

If tape needs to be used, tape can be place over body hair.

When you have to remove it, just make sure to roll it downwards.

Do not  pull it off, like is a wax treatment.

That could lead to rip hair and skin off.

If this post didn’t answer to all your questions, don’t hesistate to send a message to Giovanni trhough the Contact Page.



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