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Melbourne Massage and Treatment Incenses are made from ethically sourced ingredients, hand-rolled by Giovanni, and sun-dried | Coburg Massage Studio

Dating back centuries, incenses have a diverse history of being used culturally in mystical and religious rituals.

Indeed, beyond these practices, the burning of incense has evolved and is now often integral to one’s well-being in our modern world.

As per result, through experiences throughout my world travel, cultural studies, and studies in Thai massage, I have learned that incenses have a profound meaning.

Burning something can be seen as refreshing, a new start, a re-birth, whereas burning Incense can be a ritual of purification and letting go.

Stimulating peace and relaxation, Incense is complementary to life.

Burning Incenses

Furthermore, it can, amongst many benefits, increase calm and focus, reduce stress and anxiety, aid sleep, and complement meditation. Different aromas can aid our emotions, refresh the air, or simply add to our home lifestyle.

My Incense ingredients are ethically sourced, and handmade.

Indeed, there are no synthetic chemicals.

Made from Sandalwood, Essential Oil, and Distilled water, I source most of my ingredients locally in Melbourne with only some essential oils being imported. I hand-roll the Incense myself and leave them to dry naturally in the sun.

The Incense burner plate I offer has also been ethically sourced, they are Made in India and imported by a Fair-Trade importer who has worked to ensure the products imported are produced without the use of slavery or child labour.

There are four Aroma available:

Palo Santo

Traditionally used by Shamans and healers known as Curanderos, the energizing and healing properties of this Incense cone purify the air, dispels evil spirits, and cleanse any negative energy.

The calming fragrance is reminiscent of the peacefulness experienced from a healing ceremony using medicinal plants.

Sweet Orange

Being Mediterranean, this aroma takes me home to my native Italy. The blend of citrus and orange is invigorating, fresh, and regenerating. It can spike the energy in the room.


The essential oil used in the Incense has been extracted by steam distillation from the leaves and branchlets of a small tree Melaleuca ericifolia.

Known as Swamp Paperback, a member of the Myrtle family, it’s native to southeast Australia. It offers a calming and relaxing atmosphere for the home.


Firstly, the abundant benefits of this fragrance have long seen it be favoured in the home.

In addition to this, Vanilla’s sweet aroma blends naturally with Sandalwood, when burned it helps as an anti-depressant, works to improve memory, eliminates insomnia, tames anger as well as attracts love, and increases sexual drive.

Incense cones are supplied with a minimum of 12 pcs at $1.19 each + postage $8.99.

Furthermore, when ordering specify if you would like a Back Flow Incenses.

backflow incenses

Incense cones should only be burned on a heatproof or fireproof surface and in a well-ventilated environment.

I have therefore offered a safe Incense burner plate.

Made from Ceramic, the Incense burner plate is available in two designs or sizes.

Square 4cm x 4cm $4.99 each


Triangle 7cm x 7cm x 7cm $9.99 each


To Order please visit our SquareUp web-store:

Standard Incenses Box

Custom-made packages are available, please let me know how I can help.
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In conclusion, please, be aware that when you place an order, include which aroma(s) and how many Incense cones are required of each if backflow or regular incense. (minimum order is 12 incenses)