Outdoor Thai Yoga Class

Does the endless lock-down make you miss the routine massage?

Are you worried about getting back to training because your body feels sore and ache?

Would you like to improve your body awareness?

Would you like to learn simple exercises that can be done anywhere, anytime, and are effective as a massage?

Thai Yoga Class can help.

Outdoor Self Thai massage class

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Q: When do you run the classes?
A: Currently my availability is all Monday to Saturday.

Q: Where do you run the classes?
A: I usually choose a location that has toilet facilities access and a mix of shade and sun.


Q: How much does it cost a class?

A: 1 Person 1h class $49 – 1 Person 2h Class $89     2 People 2h class $59 p/p

Q: What’s the difference with a regular Yoga Class?
A: Thai Yoga is based on the ancient knowledge of Thai Massage, and therefore works on applying pressure on the body to release tensions.

Outdoor Self Thai Massage

Q: What about if we book a class and the weather change?

A: We live in Melbourne, we all know what the weather is like. If the day/time of booking is raining too much, we can postpone the class.

Q: Can I pay with the card?

A: Yes you can, or you can do also PayID or Bank transfer or Cash.

Q: Is this class for anyone?

A: This class is not recommended for who suffer from Hypertension and or Diabetes n 1 and or Osteoporosis and whilst pregnant.