Melbourne Massage and Treatment

Giovanni is a qualified Myotherapist who combines Western and Eastern massage principles to deliver a tailored massage experience designed around your unique needs.

The Melbourne Massage and Treatment Vision

My Goal at Melbourne Massage and Treatment is to provide second to no one, massage treatment with the goal of enhancing your body’s range of motion, mindfulness, and general well-being.

Massage and its Benefits

All Melbourne Massage and Treatment’s services are a great way to reduce stress and body ache. As discussed in this peer-review article, massage therapy is a great way to decrease pain in the general population. Here is the complete list of services available at Melbourne Massage and Treatment:

Our Massage Services in Melbourne

All those services aim to relax the body and improve body awareness. In doing so, we can reduce your body ache and pain in everyday life and during your sports training.

What Melbourne Massage and Treatment services can help with?

• Head Ache • Sore muscle • Joint pain • Plantar fasciitis • Sciatica Pain  • Carpal Tunnel • Tendinitis • Neck Pain • Back Pain  • Swelling • Post-surgery recovery (MLD) • Frozen Shoulder and more.

Melbourne Massage and Treatment available in Coburg

Melbourne Massage and Treatment services are now available on Blair St, Coburg, 3058.

Here is where the healing happens. The Coburg Massage studio is within walking distance from Sydney Rd.

You can reach it by public transport, near Moreland Station, and Trams 1, 6 and 19. If you prefer to drive, then Blair St has plenty of car-park spots.

Private Health Insurance Rebate

Private Health Insurance Rebates are available at Melbourne Massage and Treatment for Myotherapy, Remedial Massage and MLD services. The rebate percentage is based on your agreement with your private health insurance provider.

Myotherapy, Remedial Massage and MLD Services
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Maria BellesMaria Belles
10:20 27 Jul 23
Very knowledgeable and great service.
Elisa GriggioElisa Griggio
08:17 23 Jun 23
I tried MLD twice and I was incredibly happy with the results on my severe lower back pain. It helped me to tolerate a 24 h flight.Moreover Giovanni is such a lovely and knowledgeable professional. Highly recommend.
Francesca LamiFrancesca Lami
03:20 25 Apr 23
Giovanni puts his passion and professionalism in every lesson or treatment he gives. Giovanni looks committed to ensure that his patients can find ways to relief their pain in every day life. During his lessons of Thai Yoga, you can witness his learning about Vipassana and other Buddhist core concepts. He teaches you how to adapt and implement these concepts to your everyday life to find relieve from your everyday stressors and pain. His work is very much client-focused, meaning that he adapts his lessons and/or treatments to each client needs. Although, his committed to help his clients, he is also very conscientious to ensure his clients safety beyond all.
Gin AtkinsGin Atkins
06:17 16 Apr 23
I had a great session with Giovanni, very calm and relaxing and a really chilled out space. He was knowledgable and explained MLD to me in great detail, answering all my questions. He also identified a couple of other things I wasn't aware of, and has referred me to other practitioners to further support my health. Highly recommend Giovanni and his services.
niang Niangniang Niang
00:15 15 Apr 23
It was great learning from Giovanni at Confest, he is so knowledgeable, glad I found what I need🤘🌈🌞inflammation already gone❤Thankssss
Bart de VriesBart de Vries
01:38 13 Apr 23
Great experience. Giovanni knows exactly what he is doingand has a great combination of traditional Thai massage and yoga knowledge coupled with an anatomy and physiology understanding to make sense of this work in a western context. His home setup is really nice and I can imagine his group sessions would be fantastic too. My body certainly felt more mobile coming out of the session and my nervous system relaxed.Thanks Giovanni for a great session.
maddy dmaddy d
13:22 06 Apr 23
Giovanni has a high education level of knowledge that he delivers in his practice. I have been to a few physios, Chiros and massage therapists and he is one of the best in his field when it comes to holistically looking at your whole body, why the pain happens and how to treat it. If you’re looking for someone who cares about their practice and your outcome measures, I would highly recommend Giovanni.
Connor GrossiConnor Grossi
05:10 16 Feb 23
Visited Giovanni twice when in town. Both times he's fixed me up and sent me away in much better shape then when I walked in. His ability to articulate what is going on in the body is as impressive as his treatment techniques. Highly recommended.
Andrey KoppelAndrey Koppel
07:06 11 Dec 22
It was very positive experience for me. Giovanni does his job really well. He knows anatomy of body and recommends some exercises to do after the session. I felt two sleep two times during our session. Felt light and enlightened after the session. Giovanni is true professional. Thank you very much!
Zinaida GurtsevaZinaida Gurtseva
11:54 07 Dec 22
I was lucky to have treatment with Giovanni. He is very professional. He can commented anatomy of every movement he made when I asked him.Every movement comes into the point.I felt a proper relief in my lower back and hip area. Exactly my request was fulfilled.Giovanni recommended some exercises to improve my posture as well. I do every day.Thank you so much🙏


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