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Thai Massage is the traditional massage of Thailand.

Giovanni did his training at Pichest Boonthumme School in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Indeed, Pichest is the most famous Massage teacher in Thailand. He did influence the practice of all the modern Thai M. teachers, and Giovanni is more honoured and happy to spread his teaching and way of work.

In regard to the way this technique is offered, the massage is done on the floor, on comfortable mats that cover a surface of 2m * 2m.

Furthermore, pillows are provided for resting the head or other body parts if needed.

The client is fully dressed.Lower back Thai Massage

In regards to what to wear, Giovanni provides his client with a pair of Thai Fisherman pants and a T-Shirt.

You can either bring your own clothes,

Giovanni would highly suggest wearing long loose comfortable cotton pants and a cotton t-shirt.

To avoid skin abrasion, during the massage stroke and pressure, synthetic clothes are not recommended.

Another difference between Melbourne Massage and Treatment Thai Massage service and what other Thai Massage you will find around Melbourne is that before and after the massage, you will be guided through a series or Range of Motion (ROM) to individualise what muscle/s are involved within the discomfort area.

During the ROM you may experience pain or stretch sensation.

As soon as you feel either the one and/or the other sensation, you will let Giovanni know about so.

This will help Giovanni understand more in detail what muscle/s is/are responsible for the discomfort.

No Girls work at Melbourne Massage and Treatment.

Giovanni is the only Massage Therapist working for this studio.

And strictly there are no sexual services offered, not for men, not for women, or for any other gender.

Melbourne Massage and Treatment’s Thai Massage services are available at Blair St, Coburg, 3058.

For booking and info don’t hesitate to contact Giovanni.

As per Thai Yoga, Thai Massage is not recommended for those who have conditions such as Diabetes n1, Hypertension, Osteoporosis, or whilst pregnant.