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At Melbourne Massage and Treatment, we offer a unique Traditional Thai Massage style by combining the clinical understanding of Myotherapy with a traditional Thai Massage approach.

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What is Thai Massage?

Thai Massage, rooted in Thailand’s traditions, encompasses a distinctive approach to therapeutic bodywork. This technique is performed on the floor, using comfortable mats that span an area of 1.5 m * 2 m. Unlike other massage styles, Thai Massage does not involve the use of oils or creams. Instead, the client remains fully dressed throughout the session. For your utmost comfort, pillows are readily available to support your head or any other body parts as necessary.

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Benefits of Thai Massage

Thai Massage history pushes back thousands of years, and it is now evident to the broad public how powerful this practice can be. When practiced traditionally, Thai Massage can help loosen body tightness and tension. Other well know benefits of Thai Massage are the improvement of blood and body fluid circulation, including lymphatic liquid. Also, it helps reduce swelling, mobilising joints and achieving deep relaxation. In comparison to more western massage practices, like Myotherapy or Remedial Massage, Thai massage has a more dynamic approach, and it is more indicative for patients who like to have contact with the ground and already practice base of type practices, such as Yoga, gardening, dancing and more.

Thai Massage Cost

Thai Massage service is offered in sessions of 60 mins or 90 mins. Thai Massage 60 mins – $90 Thai Massage 90 mins – $140 Treatment plans are available for those clients who decided to take up a healing journey.

What to Expect in a Traditional Thai Massage

As per all the services offered at Melbourne Massage and Treatment, you will be guided through Range of Motion and functional tests before a Thai Massage session. This will allow an understanding of what body area or groups of muscles and or joints need some love. Thai massage can also help rule out some bodily red flags that may indicate an injury or the risk thereof. Thai massage is practiced on a ground mat so that you can easily be seated or lying supine/side position. This is one of the main differences between Thai Massage and other practices, where the massage is offered on a table or chairs. The ground floor approach lets therapists use their body bio-mechanics best to provide a unique service.

Why Melbourne Massage and Treatment

Giovanni is a fully qualified Myotherapist with a passion for massage and healing. He started his massage career in 2016, and in 2018, he studied for the first time in Chiang Mai, Thailand, at Pichest Boonthumme, Thai Massage School. After several years of practice and studies, Giovanni now combines the understanding of both practices and does use that knowledge and expertise to deliver a unique Thai Massage service. Thai Massage at Melbourne Massage and Treatment, as per tradition, is given on a mat floor, allowing Giovanni to use his mobility and agility to perform a unique technique and help you in achieving deep relaxation and a better understanding of your body awareness.


What to wear for a Thai Massage?

Regarding what to wear, Giovanni provides his client with a pair of Thai Fisherman pants and a T-Shirt. You can bring your clothes, but Giovanni recommends wearing long, loose, comfortable cotton pants and a cotton T-shirt. Cotton fabrics are recommended to avoid skin abrasion during massage stroke and pressure. Indeed, synthetic clothes are not recommended.

Is Thai Massage Healthy?

Yes, it is. If practised by its traditional approach, Thai Massage is an effective technique that can help reduce body aches and pain and improve relaxation. On the other hand, it has few contraindications, such as Hypertension, Diabetes n. 1, Osteoporosis, or whilst pregnant. If any of those conditions apply to you, please, let Giovanni know, and he will offer a different type of massage service that may suit your needs better.

Does Thai Massage Hurt?

As with any other type of massage that aims to improve your well-being, Thai Massage may hurt. Pain during a massage is a brain response to pressure and touch on sensitive body areas that need stimulation to receive extra attention from your immune and nervous systems. The pain that a massage provokes has to be a comfortable type of pain. During a massage session, you would be asked to describe the type of pain and rate it on a scale of 0-10. The pick pain sensation can sit at 7, no more.

If the pain response is more significant than that, your sympathetic nervous system would react and place the body into a protection mode, which would not allow other physiological reactions to happen. It would be hard then to let the healing process occur.

What is the difference between Thai massage and regular massage?

Traditional Thai Massage is offered on a ground mat, not a table, compared to other types of massage. You will be fully dressed, and oil or creams are not used. During the massage session, Giovanni may use a variety of strokes wider than those used in Remedial Massage and/or Myotherapy. Using knee, elbow, or feet is common in Thai Massage. It will always be up to Giovanni, following the respect of your comfortable zone, what stroke can be used to deliver the massage.

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