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Thai Yoga is a series of exercises that combine the principle of Thai Massage and Yoga.

Those exercises are inspired by the teaching of Pichest Boonthumme.

Pichest does teach that all the bodies are different, so the tensions that bodies can hold are individual.

Indeed, those differences are due to physical and emotional tensions.

Said so, Thai Yoga exercises are helpful to work on all those types of tensions.

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It stimulates the body to restore its mobility and motility.

For mobility, we refer to the capacity of the body to move and have a great fluidity within the movement.

Where for motility we refer to the shape the body can take in the 3-dimensional space.Giovanni teaching Thai Yoga for forearm

Said so, the Yoga side of Thai Yoga exercises is due to several factors.

Breathing: to practice those exercises, you will learn how to follow a breathing wave technique.

As you will do so, you will notice how better and easier is to make the exercises.

More about the breathing wave technique is explained here.

Awareness: along with those exercises you will learn how to be aware of body sensations. And you will be mastering those.

No one else can be more aware than you, of your body sensation. It is time to take the control of it.

Posture: for mastering those exercises you will have to look at your body posture. No position or exercise is impossible to do. There is always a way to get there.

Position can be different from person to person, depending on their mobility.

Thai Yoga classes are offered in a private group of 1 to 2 persons at the Melbourne Massage and Treatment’s Coburg studio.

Open classes are occasionally available too, for stay updated on the next class subscribe to the newsletter.

Open classes are limited to 10 people only.

Therefore, Giovanni will be able to look after all the participants and everyone will receive the same treatment.

As per Thai Massage, Thai Yoga is not recommended for those who have conditions such as Diabetes n1, Hypertension, Osteoporosis, or whilst pregnant.