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Thai Yoga, is an exercise practice that would take you to a place of relaxation and better physical and mental well-being.

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What is Thai Yoga? 

Thai Yoga is a series of exercises that Giovanni developed by combining the teaching of Pichest Boonthumme, a Thai Massage Teacher, and the Myotherapy training at the RMIT in Melbourne.

Pichest’s teaching is about experiencing the body and body-mind connection through a dynamic and individual approach based on breathing, body awareness and acceptance. Thai Yoga are exercises helpful to work on physical tensions by combining Thai Massage principles and Myotherapy knowledge.

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Thai Yoga benefit

Along with the benefit of this practice, we find improvement in mobility and motility.

For mobility, we refer to the capacity of the body to move and have great fluidity within the movement.

We refer to the body’s shape in the 3-dimensional space for motility.

Why try Thai Yoga?

Thai Yoga is not a generic Yoga class, so most luckily is something that you have yet to experience. 

This practice is not based on stretching or pushing yourself into a fixed posture or a dynamic flow of movement, either at a high or slow speed.

Thai Yoga is more about learning how to use breath, gravity and body bio-mechanics to access body tension and relief them.

And thanks to Giovanni’s anatomy and physiological knowledge, he can guide you to understand better what is happening to your body along those exercises.

Why calling it Yoga?


Learn how to practice and engage the benefit of the breathing wave technique.

Breathing is at the base of life.

Therefore it needs more attention and dedication.


How does the body feel? Where do we store tension in the body? How can we prevent those body tensions?

It is time to take action about it.


Combining breathing and awareness of the breath and the body sensation that arises with it would create a deep relaxation feeling that can be mastered throughout the practice.

Where to attend a class?

Giovanni teaches private Thai Yoga classes for groups of 1 to 2 people at the Melbourne Massage and Treatment’s Fitzroy North studio.

As per Thai Massage, Thai Yoga is not recommended for those who have conditions such as Diabetes n1, Hypertension, Osteoporosis, or whilst pregnant.

How to prepare for the class?

As per any body activity, also along a Thai Yoga class is always a good idea to carry along a water bottle and drink water during and after the class. About the outfit, make sure to wear comfortable loose pants and a t-shirt. Leggings or tight type of clothes are not recommended.

Time & Cost?

Private Thai Yoga class are available to one or 2 people per time at the Fitzroy North Studio.

You can chose if to take a 1 h class or a 2 h class.

Price for 1 person class for 1 h is $59.

Price for 2 people class for 1 h is $99 or 2 h class is $169.