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MLD is a pain-free technique that works on the lymphatic system, increasing its capacity and helping the body to heal more quickly.

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What is MLD?

MLD stands for Manual Lymphatic Drainage, a manual technique developed in the early 20th century by Dr. Emil Vodder and his wife, Dr. Estrid Vodder in Europe.

Manual lymphatic drainage is a pain-free, non-invasive technique.

Compared with Deep Tissue work, MLD doesn’t use deep pressures that aim to reproduce the ache sensation, even though it is highly relaxing.

How MLD works?

When offering an MLD treatment, Giovanni would lightly stretch your skin and let it recoil.

The Lymphatic System gets directly affected by this skin stimulus and starts working harder and faster by collecting more waste around the body.

The Lymphatic System would then release the collected liquid into the bloodstream at the high of your Throat; therefore, the first Lymphatic System body area to get stimulated is your cervical.

By doing so, any liquid collected has a place to run towards.

Which condition can be treated with MLD?

Dermatological such as:

• Eczema • Acne • Skin Burn • Scar Therapy •  Swelling

Musculoskeletal Injuries such as:

•  Acute injuries • Arthritis & Rheumatoid Arthritis • Hip/Shoulder chronic conditions • Neck Pain • Pain Management • Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) • Fibromyalgia

Health Conditions such as:

• Sinusitis – frontal/maxillar • Hay fever •  Rhinitis • Tinnitus (Ear) • Meniere’s Disease (hearing/balance) • Puffy eyes

 Here is a link to a study published on that talks about how MLD in Vodder Style can help reduce oedema on hand after a distal radius fracture.

Is MLD Relaxing?

Yes, it is. Indeed, another vital aspect of Manual Lymphatic Drainage is the deep relaxation status it can create.

It may be hard to believe, but no relaxation massage would relax you more than Manual Lymphatic Drainage.

Giovanni’s qualifications for Manual Lymphatic Drainage.

Regarding Giovanni’s qualifications, he holds Certificate 1 and Certificate 2 for Applied MLD, both completed with the Vodder Academy.

What about MLD for kids?

Not only adults suffer from severe conditions such as bond fractures, open wounds, scar tissue, oedema, sunburn, and twisted ankle.

Giovanni offers MLD even to underage clients.

Said so, the presence of the parents or a guardian is always required. Giovanni holds a Work With Children Card valid for Australia.

MLD Contraindications

Even though MLD can help with so many conditions, there is a list of contraindications to consider.

Absolute Contraindications

•  Acute inflammation with infection • Untreated thrombus • Untreated Cancer • Congestive heart failure

Relative Contraindications

• Chronic inflammation • Treated thrombus • Treated Cancer • Asthma • Hypo/Hyperthyrodism • Pregnancy • Menstruation • Nevus • Hx of tuberculosis • Hypertension/Diabetes

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