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On this blog Giovanni will share his knowledge on topics related to the Thai Remedial Massage industry and more.

“I believe the body is a complex machine that needs to be looked after not only by the physical touch.”

Within this page, you can find posts about complementary practices to massage which can help to improve your well-being on both a physical and emotional level.

Breathing technique to release the body and emotional tensions.

What exercises are good for the body and mind?

How to recognize the body tensions?

How to improve our body posture?

Muscle firing pattern.

Also, calling upon his long experience in the food industry, as a Chef and Pizza Maker, you can expect from time to time, Giovanni will share posts related to your food intake and well-being.

Each blog will include links to other pages, these will provide references to the topic being discussed or perhaps another relevant blog post to help explore the topic in greater detail.

Your comments and feedback on any of the blog topics are always welcome.

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