A massage therapist massaging the back of a patient

Melbourne Massage and Treatment

Giovanni is a qualified Myotherapist who is passionate about health and movement.

With his practice, he is willing to share his knowledge and findings to help you reduce your pain and aches.


The Melbourne Massage and Treatment Vision

My Goal at Melbourne Massage and Treatment is to provide second to no one, massage treatment with the goal of enhancing your body’s range of motion, mindfulness, and general well-being.

Massage and its Benefits

All Melbourne Massage and Treatment’s services are a great way to reduce stress and body ache. As discussed in this peer-review article, massage therapy is a great way to decrease pain in the general population. Here is the complete list of services available at Melbourne Massage and Treatment:

All those services aim to relax the body and improve body awareness. In doing so, we can reduce your body ache and pain in everyday life and during your sports training.

What Melbourne Massage and Treatment services can help with?

• Head Ache  Sore muscle  Joint pain • Plantar fasciitis • Sciatica Pain  • Carpal Tunnel  Tendinopathy Neck Pain • Back Pain   Swelling  Post-surgery recovery (MLD) Frozen Shoulder and more.

Melbourne Massage and Treatment available in Fitzroy North

Melbourne Massage and Treatment services are now available on 1/175 Holden St, Fitzroy North, 3068. Here is where the healing happens. The Fitzroy North Massage studio is within walking distance from St George Rd. You can reach it by public transport, near Trams 11 and 96, or bus 250 or 251 . If you prefer to drive, then along Holden St, and the surrounding lanes, has plenty of car-park spots. Just keep an eye on permit zone, or time for parking.

Private Health Insurance Rebate and NDIS

Private Health Insurance and NDIS Rebates are available at Melbourne Massage and Treatment for Myotherapy, Remedial Massage and MLD services. The rebate percentage is based on your agreement with your private health insurance provider.

Myotherapy, Remedial Massage and MLD Services
Louise Davison
Louise Davison
Giovanni is a wonderfully knowledgeable, skilful masseuse and an all-round lovely person too. He has helped me get a shoulder injury under control very quickly and has really helped me keep on top of some old injuries as well so that they don't flare up. I love that Giovanni doesn't just give you a massage, he will provide exercises and stretches to do at home too. His knowledge means you get comprehensive treatment which is really great value for money.
Angie Richards
Angie Richards
I've recently started seeing Giovanni for Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage after an operation. Giovanni is highly knowledgeable, professional and an all around great massuese - the different to my post-op swelling is immediate and its such a relief when I see him. Last time I attended, I asked if we could pivot the MLD session as I had a really painfully tight hip, and Giovanni made the pain go away in minutes AND explained in clear words what was going on, providing me several exercises and stretches to do at home to improve my hip mobility and core/pelvis strength. I highly recommend Giovanni and will now be seeing him for remedial massage as well as my ongoing MLD :)
Clare Kentmann
Clare Kentmann
Giovanni has been helping me over the past few months to recover from an injury and address the underlying causes drawing on a range of different approaches and techniques from dry needling to massage to exercises to practice at home. Giovanni really listens and is knowledgeable and forthcoming in explaining what he recommends and why, drawing on diverse approaches. I've appreciated his holistic and tailored approach.
Bat Chain Puller
Bat Chain Puller
I've had three sessions with Giovanni to address ongoing pain in my shoulder and after just one session of myotherapy and practicing the exercises he assigned me, it had greatly improved. I am not suffering from anymore pain after three sessions of mobilisation, one dry needling session, and practicing the exercises consistently. This is due to the very thorough approach he takes which addresses the injury/pain at the source. Giovanni is very friendly and easy to talk to, with a good sense of humour paired with a lot of professionalism. Would definitely reccomend!
David Aurora
David Aurora
Giovanni is amazing. Not only is he extremely knowledgable and friendly, but he is also very perceptive of subtle changes and masterfully adjusts treatments to suit dynamic problems. He has helped me a lot with chronic neck and shoulder pain through both direct treatment and great advice on what to do between treatments and how to prevent repeated injuries long term.
Angelina Finadri
Angelina Finadri
Good experience and welcoming!
Rhys Kilian
Rhys Kilian
I had constant hip tightness from exercise and Giovanni has helped relieve this considerately. He is considerate to other pressures in life and gave me advice specific to my ability and body.
William Gamble
William Gamble
Eden James
Eden James
I wasn’t sure what to expect and was nervous before going, but Giovanni made me feel comfortable and safe straight away. It was a very informative and positive experience. Looking forward to going back to see Giovanni in the future, would highly recommend!
Vicky Zhang
Vicky Zhang
Giovanni is a skilled myotherapist who deeply cares for his clients well being. Upon arriving at the location, he greeted me with a warm welcome and was very accomodating by offering water. I came only for a lympathic drainage massage but had unexpectedly came out with greater self awareness of my body. He took the time to share his knowledge of the human anatomy, in particularly, the internal dysfunctions and physical limitations encompassing the body. I’ve come back for a few myotherapy and dry needling sessions and always leave his practice satisfied with the level of care provided. He tailors his treatments to your needs and prefers realistic and holistic approaches for recovery. I highly recommend going to Giovanni for pain relief as he can diagnose these issues expertly. He understands the stresses that our mind and body go through in our day to day lives and does his best to work with us without judgment. Please support what he strives to do for us. He hopes that we can discover our unique path towards personal healing, growth and enlightenment.


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