How MLD can help reducing Preeclampsia Swelling post-partum

pregnant woman

Preeclampsia is a condition that can affect pregnant women.

Preeclampsia is a severe condition of pregnancy, most of the time characterised by

  • high blood pressure
  • protein in the urine
  • severe swelling

Most women who suffer from preeclampsia are unaware of this condition, which is why continuous monitoring during pregnancy is so important.

There is no cure for this condition, and the only step it can be taken to prevent the death of the mother of the baby is to deliver the baby by opting for a C-section birth.

What does actually happen during preeclampsia, is that the blood pressure increase to a dangerous level.

pregnant woman
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The consequences can be catastrophic for both the mother and the baby.

Indeed, the organs of the mother, such as the liver, kidney, heart and brain are in great danger.

The increase of protein in the urine is also a sign of kidney and liver damage.


As you may already read in other blog posts about MLD, liver and kidney failure are absolute contraindications, and condition as high blood pressure too can be a partial contraindication.

Indeed, before starting any treatment, the “good to go” from the doctor would be needed in this case.

MLD can help is to reduce the swelling postpartum that eventually would build up in the legs and abdominal area after the C-Section.

On the other hand, MLD would also help the scar healing, by moving fluid away from the scar tissue and reducing the swelling around the scar itself.

In regards to the type of approach needed in this case, the MLD session would start by:

  • working on the neck and terminus area
  • Applied MLD on the abdominal area, to clear off the Cisterna Chyli
  • And finally MLD along both leg

Due to the fact that a wound is still there when doing MLD on the legs, a simple sequence would be used.

I would not recommend to the client to lie in a side position, as that could hurt the wound.

So when I should come in for my first session?

If the doctors, recon that your liver and kidney are functioning at 100% and that your blood pressure is decreasing since birth, you can start to receive MLD immediately.

I had already a client, who had preeclampsia, and thanks to the suggestion of the nurses they book in their session just 10 days after the birth.

After just 1 session, they realise how the swelling was reducing.

Said so, it can take longer to reduce the swelling down to the desired level.

In combination with MLD, walking and staying active help.

Also drinking water, lots of water, is always highly recommended, especially after an MLD session.

In conclusion, if you are in need of an MLD treatment due to Preeclampsia or other body swellings, and you have no Liver or kidney conditions or DVT, MLD is the treatment that does for you.

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