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Hi and welcome back to Melbourne Thai Treatment Blog | Remedial Massage & Thai Massage Studio, Coburg. In this post, we are going to talk about MLD. What is MLD? Where and when did this type of massage start? Why is MLD is different from other types of massage? How does MLD work? As you […]

Remedial Massage Strokes

Remedial Massage

Strokes that we use as Remedial Massage therapists. As previously mentioned, a remedial massage is different from a relaxation massage. Indeed a remedial massage aiming is to speed up the recovery process from an injury or musculoskeletal dysfunction. Therefore, in a remedial massage, we use a bigger variety of strokes, and we can dive them […]

Remedial Massage

Cupping Session Remedial Massage

In this post, I talk about Remedial Massage and how this technique is applied in my services. What is a Remedial Massage? How does it work? Where did I train for this type of massage? As per the name, remedial massage aims to improve the quality of life of the clients, by giving a remedy […]

Thai Massage History and Benefit

Thai Massage History

The history of Thai Massage. As per the name, Thai Massage is a technique of bodywork that finds its origin in Thailand. The history of Thai Massage starts about 2500 years ago with Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha (Shivago Kompara ) a friend of the Buddha, who had a really wise knowledge about medicine. Still nowadays, along […]

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