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Below you will find a series of videos about Thai Yoga.

This series of video’s have been designed to refresh your knowledge and understanding of Thai Yoga.

In each video, Giovanni will give a detailed lesson, recapturing what you will have learned in his personal classes. It is beneficial to take the time to refresh your understanding and practices for each of the exercises to maximize your personal benefit.

If you have no experience with these exercises, it is recommended you make a booking with Giovanni. He will inform you about all the exercise practices, the benefits they bring, and how you can use them in your daily life to help improve your well-being.

Getting Started

Attention: These exercises are not recommended for those with conditions such as Hypertension, Diabetes n1 or whilst pregnant. 

This video is designed to provide you with a brief understanding of Thai Yoga.

The son of teachers, Giovanni has an inherited ability to present these exercises classes in a succinct manner, using well-crafted analogies to explain the exercise practice as well as any difficult concepts.

In this first video Giovanni does an introduction about Thai Yoga and he does focus on, the practice of breathing wave.

(Video 1) Introduction to Thai Yoga and Breathing Wave - Thai Yoga

Thai Yoga – Feet Exercise 

In order to be grounded, it is best to start with exercise on our feet.

To practice this exercise, Giovanni will instruct how the breathing wave can create pressure on the plantar foot. Using a golf or tennis ball, he demonstrates how to open the plantar fascia which will release the tension along the whole leg. As the fascia connection from the plantar, runs along the back of the leg, the pressure applied to the plantar fascia, will release tension from the hamstring as well. 

(Video 2) Grounding the feet - Thai Yoga

Thai Yoga – Shoulder exercise for Stress Management

In our fast-paced modern world, Stress plays a major role in our everyday life. Often, we tend to accumulate stress on our shoulders. In this video, Giovanni demonstrates an exercise to offer a quick fix and a good way to reduce stress and shoulders tensions. 

(Video 3) Shoulder Mobility - Thai Yoga

Thai Yoga – Exercise for Forearms

Now we have worked successfully on our shoulders, we move down the arms. In this and the following videos 6 and 7, Giovanni will show you exercise to release the tensions from your forearms.

(Video 4) ForeArm Flexors & Extensors muscles tension release - Thai Yoga

Thai Yoga – Thoracic Mobility 

Along the previous exercises we used a golf ball to release tension from feet and shoulder. Now, is time to move along the thoracic area and improve the thoracic mobility. The thoracic area and the facet joints of this area are mobile joints and are essential to ensure that the upper cervical area doesn’t get overloaded with tension.

(Video 5) Thoracic Mobility - Thai Yoga

Thai Yoga – Cervical Mobility 

Now, having already exercised our Shoulders, Hands and Forearms, we will complete the upper limb area, with an exercise for the neck.

It is important to protect the delicate nature of the neck, movement for this exercise must be conducted in a slow and gentle manner.

(Video 6) Cervical Mobility - Thai Yoga

Thai Yoga – Exercise for Hip Flexors 

Having completed the exercises on the upper limbs of the body, we can start now focus on the lower limbs.To start the lower limbs, we must complete exercise for hip flexors.

(Video 7) Hip Flexor - Thai Yoga

Thai Yoga – Lumbar Tension Release and SI Joint opening

The lumbar area is a good area to focus on too, as it is reach in tension and if blocked can lead to slow down other body area, such as the thoracic and cervical. In this video we are looking on too how open the lumbar joints including the SI Joint. Please be aware that if you had any injury to the knee and or lumbar area, this exercises may not suit your needs. So please take care as you practice it.

(Video 8) Lumbar Opening - Thai Yoga

Thai Yoga – Adductor Self Massage Exercise

Moving down and medially now. This exercise is one of my favorite, as it is simple to do, mostly pain free and is great to release tension off the legs. Not ideal for who suffer from High Blood pressure or Diabetes n. 1, so please watch out.

(Video 9) - Adductors Self Massage - Thai Yoga

Thai Yoga – Calf Self Massage Exercise

Calf time. For who feel tension in the calf, here we go with a nice self massage hands off. I spoke About calf and it’s muscle in this blog post.

(Video - 10) Calf Self Massage - Thai Yoga

Thai Yoga – Feet and toes

And here we go with the last of this series of Thai Yoga exercises. We started with the feet and we are back to it. The importance of the mobility of the feet and ankle, if often down-rated. In this video I do explain why we should give more attention to it and I gave a short explanation too about barefoot wear.

(Video 11) - Feet and Toes