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Melbourne Massage and Treatment is a Fitzroy North clinic, run by Giovanni, who offers unique clinical massage services. At Melbourne Massage and Treatment Giovanni would take you through a personalized fitness journey, sharing with you knowledge and insights about your musculoskeletal system.

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 Our Massage Services In Fitzroy North.

Giovanni at Melbourne Massage and Treatment, offers unique massage services that aims to restore your energy and well being. Thanks to his extended training, included the current study in Health Science Myotherapy Clinic, Giovanni would guide you through the best way to deal with your pain and ache. Through out a treatment plan, you would be able to reach your goal, of well-being. Along a personalized treatment plan there are massage and treatments but also personalized exercises to take home, which would guarantee you the opportunity to create the change you were seeking for. Melbourne Massage and Treatment services includes: Myotherapy, Remedial Massage, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Thai Massage and Thai Yoga.

Myotherapy Fitzroy North

Dry Needling session on the shoulderMyotherapy is a form of physical therapy used to treat or prevent soft tissue pain and restricted joint movement. Giovanni offers Myotherapy services at his North Fitzroy Massage clinic. Along with a Myotherapy Treatment, you may receive treatment such as Joint Mobilization and or Dry Needling.  Beforehand, Giovanni would guide you through the benefit and/or contraindications of any treatment technique used and would advise you why they may be important to include within your treatment plan.

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Remedial Massage Fitzroy North.

Remedial massage is a therapy that aims to treat and restore body health. Indeed, this technique session is useful for several problems that affect the body. As per examples, muscle tightness, joint pain, musculoskeletal unbalance, and more. In North Fitzroy at Melbourne Massage and Treatment clinic, Giovanni offer Remedial Massage on a comfortable hydraulic table, which makes it easier to step up and down from bad for the one who may have movement impediment.

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Thai Massage Fitzroy North

Thai Massage Coburg LocationThai Massage is the Traditional Massage of Thailand. Giovanni did train for Thai Massage in Chiang Mai, with Pichest Boonthumme. Traditional Thai Massage is delivered on a floor mat, and not on a table. Thai Massage is not recommended for people who have conditions such as Hypertension, Diabetes n. 1, Osteoporosis, or whilst pregnant. This type of Thai Massage doesn’t involve the usage of oils and or cream. The patient is fully dressed. In his North Ftizroy Massage clinic, Giovanni, deliver Thai Massage, by mixing eastern and western massage practice. As a Myotherapist, he would look for the root course of the problem, and not treat the symptoms only.

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MLD Fitzroy North

Giovanni giving MLD on patient's calfMLD stands for Manual Lymphatic Drainage and is a manual technique, thought and used to boost the Lymphatic System. The Lymphatic System is a body system that keeps the body itself at a homeostasis level. That means it keeps the body alive and clean from inflammation and infections. It does so by working in combination with the Immune System. In fact, the Lymphatic System is made of Vessels (Capillary) and Collectors (Veins) that interconnect Lymph Nodes (Clinic Stations). And is in the Lymph Nodes where the White Cell (B and T) seats into. Said so, the White Cells B are produced in the Bone Narrow and the T Cells, are produced in the thymus (a Lymphatic System’s gland).

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Thai Yoga Fitzroy North

2 people doing a Thai Yoga class at Melbourne Massage and Treatment studio in CoburgThai Yoga is a series of exercises based on the Thai Massage principle, ideal for relaxation and improving body mobility. Mobility is the joint capacity of being able to move freely, without aches, pain, or restrictions. In fact, great mobility is at the base of a healthy body and great body/mind awareness. Before any strengthening program, mobility should be taken into consideration and improved to a healthy stage. A body that is not mobile enough, so a body that has stiff joints (and is not about been elastic), would not be able to build up a safe strength. That’s one of the main reasons why people get injured during sports activities. On the other hand, mobility gets lost when the body spends long hours in a slappy position, like on an office chair.

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Fitzroy North’s Premier Massage Clinic

For services such as Myotherapy, Remedial Massage, and MLD, Giovanni usedMelbourne Massage and Treatment Clinic room a hydraulic table, which guarantees an easy step up and steps down from the table for the patient. Whereas Thai Massage service is delivered on comfortable 1.5m x 2m massage mats. Traditional Thai Massage is a massage that is delivered on the mat floor and not on tables. Water is always provided before, during, and after each session. Giovanni holds a Work with Children card too, so if your teenager is in need of treatment, you are welcome to book a session for them. But not only teenagers, indeed, Giovanni can also treat kids using MLD in case of surgery, bone fracture or oedema due to accident or physical trauma. During those sessions, as per law, a parent or a guardian must be present at all times. Regarding the clothes worn during treatment, for Remedial Massage, Myotherapy, and MLD sessions, the patient is undressed down to a bra and underwear. Said so, just the area that needs to be worked on too would be exposed, and the rest of the body is draped with towels. Whereas for Thai Massage the patient is fully dressed.

Massage Costs in Fitzroy North

At Melbourne Massage and Treatment there is a flat rate along different services. Initial consultation – 60 minutes – $115 Returning client – 45 minutes – $105 Returning client – 30 minutes – $85 Follow up appointment length, is based on the type of treatment that you and Giovanni would agree on too. Thai Yoga Class: 1 person/1h $59 1 person/2h $99 2 people/1h $109 2 people/2h $169 For booking a 2h class, get in touch with Giovanni via the contact page.

What to Expect in a Massage Session in Fitzroy North

Along a massage session at Melbourne Massage and Treatment, you will find Street view of Melbourne Massage and Treatment Fitzroy North clinicduty of care, professionalism, and clinical service. Giovanni cares about his patients and wants to ensure you are aware of the best treatment plan he can offer you. Massages are essential to embrace a healing journey, but without a self-care plan, as per exercises, would be hard for you to reach your goal. That’s why Giovanni would guide you through simple exercises that can help in reestablish your musculoskeletal system. Where Giovanni can’t help, he will refer you to the following health professional that can better look after your needs. That could be your GP, a Physio, a Naturopath, or another health professional. Book your next massage in Fitzroy North here.

How to get to Fitzroy North Clinic

1/175 Holden St, Fitzroy North Tram 11 – Stop 24, Bus 250 – St George Road/Holden St, Bus 251 – St George Road/Holden St, Train Station: Rushall Station (9 mins walk)


Opening Hours Fitzroy North Massage Clinic:

Monday: 9 am to 7 pm Tuesday: 9 am to 7 pm Wednesday: 9 am to 7 pm Thursday: 9 am to 7 pm Friday: 9 am to 7 pm Saturday: 10 am to 6.00 pm Sunday: Closed


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