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Melbourne Massage and Treatment’s Plan for Thai Massage is highly recommended for those returning clients.

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Needs can vary between clients. Clients recovering from an injury. Clients who have suffered several months or even years of poor posture. Even clients with repetitive movement stresses. These all result in tensions which need the release of multiple treatments.Treatment Plan Melbourne Massage and Treatment

As a remedial massage therapist, Giovanni sees many clients who choose to embrace a journey of healing.

For instance, if you are recovering from an injury. This will often require 3 or 4 sessions in the first month. Then, after the initial treatments it will depend on the injury recovery rate. The time between treatment appointments may vary. In addition, Giovanni will evaluate your needs.

Therefore, he will personalise the plan to suit your needs. After that, he is flexible how you take up the time you purchase. Above all, the clients personal improvement is of paramount importance to Giovanni. He will discuss with you directly, how best to take advantage of a treatment plan programme. Above all, creating a plan to accommodate your individual circumstances.

In conclusion, entering into a treatment plan you gain constant personalised supervision. This importantly builds your confidence in your home exercise practices. After that, Giovanni will direct you in exercises to follow through at home. This may be daily or weekly, whichever may be required.

For Thai Massage, there are no rebates available. In Melbourne, Private Health Insurance companies do not cover Thai Massage.

Giovanni offers his Thai Massage Treatment Plan which includes 3, 1-hour sessions for a total fee of $219.

Bookings can be made directly online or by calling Giovanni direct on 0449790781

Conditions of purchase:

The client must be a returning client.

The treatment Plan of 3, 1-hour sessions, is valid for 1 month from the 1st session.

The Treatment Plan is NOT a voucher and NOT transferable.

Please visit our FAQ page for further details.