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Melbourne Massage and Treatment Services

Melbourne Massage and Treatment services are offered by Giovanni, a qualified Myotherapist who also specialized in services like Thai Massage and MLD.

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Myotherapy Remedial Massage Thai Massage MLD Thai Yoga Class

Myotherapy Coburg

Myotherapy is a form of physical therapy used to treat or prevent soft tissue pain and restricted joint movement.

Compared to Remedial Massage, Myotherapy looks more into joint mobility and myofascial restrictions and includes techniques such as Dry Needling.

For joint mobility, we refer to the ability of the joint to reach its Range of Motion within the active or passive force.

On the other hand, Dry Needling is well-known to be used in Myotherapy treatment.

Indeed, it serves a specific purpose based on creating micro-tear in the muscle, stimulating the immune response and improving muscle tone.

Remedial Massage Coburg

Remedial Massage service at Melbourne Massage and Treatment is delivered with a hydraulic electric table, which makes it easier for the therapist to deliver the treatment.

Furthermore, as the table has an adjustable high, it will be easier for the patient to step up and down the table.

About the Remedial Massage session, during the first appointment, Giovanni will guide you through a series of Range of Motion and orthopedic tests.

By doing so, we can see in depth the muscle or the group of muscles that needs to be addressed to reduce pain or tension.

It is important to understand the need for this test (about 10 to 15mins).

Doing work just to rubber skin and muscle in a painful area may yes reduce the symptoms of pain and ache, but it doesn’t address the issue at its depth.

Along the following appointments, there would be less need to investigate what muscle needs work unless we focus on a different area.

After the initial appointment, you may already noticed a great difference in symptoms but said so, but the issue may not be over yet.

Muscular pain often is there because of long-term wrong habits.

To change the pattern of pain, it may take 3 to 4 sessions and specific exercises.

The exercises aim to reinforce a weak pattern or stretch a tight area or improve joint mobility.

Thai Massage Coburg

As per Remedial Massage, Thai Massage is a service that Giovanni delivers after a series of Range of Motion and Orthopedic tests are delivered.

Giovanni’s way of offering Thai Massage is not Westernized, in fact, the message is delivered on the mat floor and not on a table.

By doing so, Giovanni can use different body parts to treat the patient.

The usage of feet or knees, or elbow is at Giovanni’s description if you need it or not.

Thai Massage appointments are available for 60 or 90 minutes.

A 60-minute appointment is usually enough to run through issues focusing on half of the body.

Along a 90 minutes session, it is possible to work on more body areas.

If you are unsure about the best option, you may want to talk to Giovanni first.

Thai Massage is not a service that is recommended for people who has a condition such as:

MLD Melbourne

MLD stands for Manual Lymphatic Drainage, and along Melbourne Massage and Treatment services, MLD is the most relaxing technique to receive.

Giovanni is trained to work on clients who have an entire lymphatic system only.

So if you have had any Lymph Nodes removed, you may need a referral to another therapist.

MLD (Manual Lymphatic Drainage) appointments are available for 30 or 60 minutes.

The appointment length is significant for this type of therapy.

Indeed Giovanni can guide you about the time needed to treat certain conditions

This service is restricted to people with liver or kidney damage or malfunction.

Other absolute or partial contraindications are available on the MLD page.

Remember that you must drink a lot of water after an MLD session.

In conclusion, contact Giovanni now if you are unsure if MLD suits your needs.

Thai Yoga

Thai Yoga classes are an ideal type of exercise for those who want to improve body mobility but still going through a relaxation experience.

This service is, for now, delivered only at the home-based massage studio in Coburg.

Thai Yoga Classes last 1 to 2 hours, depending on the number of participants.

For example, if the class is 1 to 1, a 1-hour class is enough to go through most of the exercises.

Even though, for a 1 to 1 class, there is also the availability of 2 hours class.

On the other hand, for a 2 or 3 people class, a 2-hour is the only option.

Along with a Thai Yoga class, Giovanni wants to ensure everyone receives the same service and attention.

Doing exercises and doing the wrong thing can lead to injury.

For more info, please don’t hesitate to contact Giovanni.

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