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Remedial Massage and Treatment| Myotherapy Coburg

Myotherapy is a form of physical therapy used to treat or prevent soft tissue pain and restricted joint movement

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What’s the difference between Remedial Massage and Myotherapy?

Myotherapy compared to Remedial Massage looks more into joint mobility, and myofascial restrictions and includes techniques such as Dry Needling.

For joint mobility, we refer to the ability of the joint to reach its Range of Motion within the active or passive force. On the other hand, Dry Needling is well-known to be used in Myotherapy treatment, but it serves a specific purpose, which is based on creating micro-tear in the muscle, stimulating the immune response and improving muscle tone. Dry needling on lower back Myotherapy treatment

What a Myotherapy session is like?

As per all the services offered at Melbourne Massage and Treatment, before and after each massage session, you would be guided through a series of range of motion (ROM) to evaluate the body conditions.

As per result, along with the ROM, you may experience pain or stretches in certain body areas. When this happens you will advise Giovanni about those sensations.

In fact, knowing the area of pain or distress would help Giovanni understand what muscle or group of muscles are involved in delivering the uncomfortable sensation/s.

Once the evaluation of the ROM and the muscular scale to balance is completed, then Giovanni would deliver a treatment plan, that would guide you step by step on what the recovery process would be about.

During a Myotherapy session, you will be lying prone, supine or in a side position on a table and undressed down to underwear and bra. Said so, the client is covered with a towel all the time.

Only the area that gets worked will be safely exposed.

Why cream or oil are used during a Myotherapy treatment?

During a Myotherapy Treatment, cream or oil are used to reduce the friction on the body during skin-to-skin work.

If you have an allergy to nuts or other products, please advise the therapist before the session start, as cream and oil may contain nut oil. Cupping on back and shoulder

What complementary therapies are used in Myotherapy treatment?

Cupping, MLD and dry needling follow below the categories of techniques used along with a Myotherapy treatment too. It is up to Giovanni to evaluate what technique better services the scope of healing. Even so, cupping and MLD are available on request.

Where dry needling would be strictly Giovanni’s choice to use it or not, based on your presentation and needs.

What benefits does a Myotherapy-treatment have to offer?

As Myotherapy is relevantly a still new practice, finding complete scientific-based evidence of Myotherapy benefits can be a bit tricky.

So, here is a literature review Trusted Source, conducted in 2013 by the Institute of Registered Myotherapists of Australia which specifically describes the benefit of Remedial Massage, which is the closest approach we have to Myotherapy treatment.

Myotherapy can help with

  • improve chronic low back pain
  • reduce delayed onset muscle soreness
  • reduce stress and anxiety
  • increase the quality of life and positive well-being among patients with terminal illnesses such as cancer or multiple sclerosis
  • assist with pain management of fibromyalgia when combined with other treatments

Other benefits include:

• increases mobility • reduced stress • help the recovery of soft tissue injuries • improve/correct postural issues • reduce muscle tension • reduced chronic • pain symptoms • help with sleep • balance blood pressure • speed up from recovery from a sports injury and performance • improve concentration

The technique used in a Myotherapy Treatment are:

MLD • Cupping • Trigger Point • Dry needling • Joint’s mobilization • MFTT • MET • PNF • Passive Stretch • Pin and Stretch

Melbourne Massage and Treatment – Myotherapy Training

Giovanni is a qualified Myotherapist who trained at RMIT University, by completing an Advance Diploma in Myotherapy. In terms of study, then, Giovanni is enrolled now for a 2023 Bachelor in Health Science with Torrents University.

The aim to reach for a bachelor is yes for personal achievement, but not only.

Giovanni’s final goal is to carry his study ahead and complete in the near future a master’s in Acupuncture.