Cupping on Back



Q         Can I claim your service on my Health Cover?

A        YES YOU CAN!!!
For Remedial Massage and MLD, you can claim your rebate.
In regards Thai Massage, I’m sorry, but no private health insurance cover rebate for this service. That’s why, as a special offer to returning customers only, I offer a plan of three, 1-hour treatments, to be used with 3 months of purchase for $210. This treatment plan can be purchased though the Services-Booking page or call Giovanni direct on 044970781

Q         What are your prices?

A          Please refer to the first question or visit the Services-Booking page.

Q         Do you offer a student discount?

A          I don’t specifically offer discount s to students. The 3 Treatment plan as detailed at the begging of the FAQ is my way of offering discounts.

Q         Where are you located?

A          Blair Street, Coburg, Melbourne 3058

Q         Do you offer a one-off Thai Massage?

         There is no minimum booking. See the Services-Booking page for fees.

Q         What is Thai Massage?

         Please refer the Services Page for treatment details.

Q         I have hypertension, can I have Thai Massage?

A          Unfortunately, Thai Massage is not advisable.

Q         I have Diabetes n. 1, can I have Thai Massage?

A          Unfortunately, Thai Massage is not advisable.

Q         Why is the first Massage 75 mins, when follow up treatments are 60 mins?

A          The extra time is for assessment. Before we start the treatment, we run through your body mobility and Range of Motions giving an understanding of which area of the body to focus the treatment and exercises.

Q         How long are Thai Yoga classes?

A          Classes can be booked for 1 to 2 hours.Classes can be individual or groups, prices are subject to the number of participants and the booking length. Please use this link for prices.

Q          Can I get a Massage right after my Gym Workout?

A          Bookings for massages and Thai Yoga, should not be scheduled to follow and sporting activities or physical or training workouts. In this blog post I do explain why.

Q         Should I follow any special instructions for how to dress etc for my treatment.

A          Your comfort is paramount. For a Thai Massage or Thai Yoga Class I do suggest to wear a long comfortable cotton pants and a t-shirt. In any case you are coming from the office or you have no this type of out-fit, I can provide Thai Pants and a t-shirt to wear. 
In regards MLD and Remedial Massage, you will be not wearing clothes, only underwear and bra. That’s why you will be covered with towels.
I only ask to please refrain from wearing perfumes or any strong scents. A simple deodorant is sufficient.

Q         Do you give treatments in the home?

A          Yes, I can come to your house. There would be an additional charge for travel time from Coburg to your home.

Q         We are a couple, can you provide a couple Massage?

A          I work alone so can only treat one person at a time. I can happily treat 2 people in a row.

Q         Do you use Oil for your Thai Massage?

A          Sorry no. Thai Massage does not use oil.

Q         Do you use during Remedial Massage?

A         No, along a Remedial Massage I do use Premax cream. Is an oil base     cream, that create better friction on the body for apply remedial massage strokes.

Q         Do you offer sensual services?

A          No

        Do you do nude massage?

A          NO