Giovanni’s Massage Qualifications

Qualifications Advance Diploma Myotherapy RMIT

Giovanni’s Massage Qualifications

I spent the last 7 years achieving different massage qualifications, to get to offer a service that is different from the standard massage.

My interest in the massage profession started a bit as a curiosity and a desire for a career change.

Indeed, before getting into the massage profession, I was working as Pizza Maker for a decade or so.

That did allow me to get permanent residence in Australia.

But I knew that hospitality life was not what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

So, in Jan 2016 I did enrol in a Certificate IV in Massage Therapy at the SSNT (Southern School of Natural Therapy) in Fitzroy.

After that, soon as I finish the course I did decide to go travelling and experience a bit more of the outback life.

Qualifications Massage Myotherapy

Was not till February 2018 that I got back to studying massage practice.

That was in Chiang Mai, Thailand with Pichest Boonthumme.

I end up in Chiang Mai thanks to a friend, who understood what I was looking for.

And what I was looking for?

Well, I was searching for someone that could teach me more than a massage sequence, or a massage stroke. So I was not looking for just a random massage qualification.

Someone that could show me, how to improve myself as a massage therapist and person in the first place.

Definitely Pichest is the right teacher.

Anyway, passed the first round of training in 2018 with Pichest, I then kept travelling and before heading back to Australia I did a second stopover in Chiang Mai, and that was in Jan 2019.

But still, before starting the Diploma in Remedial Massage at the RMIT in July 2020 I did go to study with Pichest for another couple of weeks (November 2019).

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Now, as already mentioned in 2020 in the full Covid-19 pandemic time, I took the decision to completely abandon the hospitality industry and dive more into the massage practice. That’s why I did decide to go for a Remedial Massage course.

Once the Remedial Massage course was over, in December 2021, I took the decision to step into the advance Diploma of Myotherapy, which would last 1 year more.

In between those courses, I also found the time to take a course for MLD (Manual Lymphatic Drainage) with the Vodder Academy here in Australia.

But, was not till the latest training with Pichest Boonthumme (November 2022), that I understood how all those modalities are really interconnected with the other one.

Where am I now, along the massage qualifications journey?

MLD qualifications Massage

Well, now I just enrolled in the last year of my Bachelor of Health Science in Clinical Myotherapy at Torrens University.

I did decide to enrol in this course, for several reasons:

  • personal challenge
  • learn more and more about body and massage practice
  • possibly going for a master’s after it (master in acupuncture)


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