MLD and Surgery

Wound of a knee post surgery

A surgery, even the most minor cut, is a big deal for the body.

And a robust Lymphatic System can help you recover faster from this type of intervention.

The lymphatic system is a body system that collects, moves and cleans the excess water and substances, like bacteria, viruses, dirt, tattoos, ink and more, from below the skin and then passes it to the bloodstream.

Lymphatic System and Surgery.

Representation of a wound post surgery

80% of the Lymphatic System seats below the skin, and 20% sits with the deep fascia.

When going for surgery and the skin gets cut, the superficial layer of the lymphatic system gets interrupted and so damaged.

Unless we intervene, the lymphatic system will have a hard time regenerating.

Indeed the lymphatic system can regenerate if stimulated.

The stimulation of the lymphatic system happens through the touch, like with MLD or through the movement of the body, like exercises, even as simple as muscle contraction.

How MLD can help the pre and post-surgery.

Indeed, before or after surgery, it is recommended to stay active.

This would allow the Lymphatic System to stay active and robust and regenerate quickly.

On the other hand, being active post-surgery is not always an option.

In fact, during the post-surgery, being active in the area that got stitches can be a contraindication, as the stitches could brake.

A cast may be present in other cases, and the muscle near the surgery can’t be moved.

That’s where MLD can help the lymphatic system to be stimulated.

By doing so, we can guarantee the circulation of liquids in the body.

But not only that.

Wound of a knee post surgery

Reducing the swell around the cutting area or below the area affected by the operation would guarantee a fast recovery.

This is because the oxygen released from the blood capillary, which would initially be too far from the swollen skin, can now reach the wound and help recover the skin cut.

But if the area is puffed or swollen, that oxygen can’t travel as far, and the healing will not be as fast.

So MLD, by boosting the lymphatic system, reduces the swelling and allows the body’s natural healing process.

What to do if I have to go for surgery then?

If you are up for surgery soon and you have no contraindication to MLD, what you can do to guarantee a faster recovery is, keep moving as much as you can, stay active, and book yourself in for a few MLD treatments just for the days before your surgery is due.

That would help with the Lymphatic System recovery, as a more robust and healthier Lymphatic System would recover faster.

And as the risk of infection and post-surgery are under control, and your blood pressure is within the acceptable range (this depends on what type of surgery you did), get moving as possible and come back for a few more sessions of MLD.

Whit, what type of intervention can MLD help with?

I went for surgery, and I got Lymph Nodes removed.

As often can happen for cancer surgery, lymph nodes get removed if they are contaminated by the cancerogenic cells.

Lymph node removal prevents the cancer cell from spreading along the rest of the body.

If that’s the case, I may not be the practitioner that does this for you, as my qualification for MLD are up to a level where I can work with a patient who has an entire lymphatic system.

Said so, I can still refer you to a practitioner who would be able to look after yourself.

Do you have any questions about this topic? Or would you like to book in now your next session?

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