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Muscle Firing Pattern

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Muscle Firing pattern Muscle firing pattern is the sequence in which muscle should get activated to complete an action or movement. Whenever we move a joint, is not just 1 muscle to do that action there are multiple numbers of muscles that allow the action to happen, and other multiple numbers of muscles counterbalance that […]

Lower Back Pain

lower back pain

Lower Back Pain Lower back pain is a condition which can deliver lots of stress and can affect our daily habits. It can be a terrible experience to live, as it can make many tasks difficult or impossible to take. Here below you will find a series of questions and answers in regard to my […]

Breathing Wave

breathing Wave

Breathing Wave In the previous post, we did talk about the benefit of breathing in by the nose and breathing out by the mouth. Well, now, I am going to talk about the Breathing Wave. The breathing wave as it sounds already is a technique of breathing that involved a wave moving along the body […]

The Importance of Breathing


The importance of breathing. As a massage therapist, I realise along with my studies and work-practice, that correct breathing is not something that many of us are aware of. Indeed, breathing is important to oxygenate our organs, muscle and all body parts and also, breathing is what would boost the healing process along a massage […]

Exercises for Upper Cross Syndrome

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Exercises for Upper Cross Syndrome As previously mentioned, the UCS is caused by a constant habit of poor posture, to achieve a correct posture on top of massage therapy, we would need to do exercises for Upper cross syndrome. So, there are 2 main groups of muscle that we want to target. 1st group, the […]