Breathing Wave

breathing Wave

Breathing Wave

In the previous post, we did talk about the benefit of breathing in by the nose and breathing out by the mouth.

Well, now, I am going to talk about the Breathing Wave.

breathing wave

The breathing wave as it sounds already is a technique of breathing that involved a wave moving along the body (upper limb).

Along the breathing in, we can take in air within 5 pouches (bottom to top):

  • above the reproductive system
  • chest (lungs)
  • throat
  • below the skull
  • above the skull

So the breathing wave starts by inhaling air through the nose, directing the air in the lowest pouch first and towards the highest one last.

As we take in air, lowest pouch would fully expand and by holding a hand on to it, we can feel the expansion happening.

In regard to the chest, we can place the opposite hand on it, and start feeling the chest expanding too.

About the above pouches, you may find it hard for the first few times to recognize a physical expansion, but as you would practice the breathing wave, more and more, you will build awareness about it.

On the breath out then, we want to let go of the air out by the mouth by dropping the jaw and relaxing the abdominal muscles so as to release first the abdominal one and follow the thoracic, the neck the bottom, and the top of the skull.

The idea to let go of the air is implemented by avoiding any force contraction in the abdominal muscle area. Those muscles do not need to be activated to push the air out, and the face muscles don’t need to be engaged to push or control the out airflow.

Why this technique is so helpful?Breathing wave outdoor

Now imagine the body like an accordion.
Our nervous system runs along with this accordion, and it’s affected by its motions.

Indeed breathing is a contraction and expansion movement of the punches above mentioned.

Therefore imagine those pouches expanding and contracting and visualize how they can softly massage the nervous system itself.

Furthermore, this breathing technique would allow proper oxygenation of the body.

A couple of minutes of this breathing technique would allow you to calm down and feel more relaxed.

In addition, this technique is useful if you want to practice body pressure on someone or something with minimum effort. That is how the Thai Massage technique I did learn from Pichest Boonthumme works, and that’s the principle behind the Thai Yoga practice.

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So, how to practice the breathing wave?

A simple way to practice this breathing technique is to lie down and place one hand on the belly and one hand on the chest.

As you breathe in by the nose, feel or look for the bottom hand to rise and for the top hand to stay steal. As the bottom pouches are full now keep inhaling and feel or look for the top hand to arise too.

Once you are ready to breathe out open the mouth and gently release the air accumulate in the belly then release the air from the upper chest. Keep repeating.

It is normal to start with the coordination is not there. But with a bit of practice, it will become easier and easier.

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