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Upper Cross Syndrome

Upper Cross Syndrome

What is, Upper Cross Syndrome? Upper cross syndrome (UCS) is a common posture imbalance that affects many people nowadays and it is caused by repetitive poor posture habits. The body‘s muscles work in coordination with another one to keep our posture erected along the Plumb Line. The Plumb line is an imaginary line that runs […]

Food intake, massage and awareness

Why food and massage are such important things? In a fast and modern society like the one that we are living in today, knowing what food to consume, can be a tough task. Even though food shapes our body, our health and indeed food can intake can increase the benefit of massage. Often we have […]

Dive in, to let it go…

Time to let go

In this post we are going to talk about “Dive in, let it go”   Often we get told that we should ” let it go “. How easy it is to say such a thing, but how hard it is to do so. When I was studying in Thailand to be a Thai Massage […]

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