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Leg with Lymphedema

Lymphedema Lymphedema is a health condition that developed when because of a dysfunctional lymphatic system. It presents disproportional swelling in 1 or more of the body’s limbs. As stated above, what’s behind the swelling is a malfunctioning lymphatic system that leads to an increased amount of protein below the skin (lymph liquid). As already discussed […]


What is Lipedema? Lipedema is a condition that causes excess fat to accumulate under the skin either in the lower or upper part of the body. Said so, it is a condition that affects mainly women. in fact it manifests itself just after hormonal changes, such as puberty, post pregnancy or in older age, after […]

Ice Pack

Ice pack

In a previous blog, we did talk about heat packs, now it is time to talk about the Ice Pack. Ice pack application, in the last few years, is a practice that got reviewed. An Ice pack as the name say is a cold (icy) bag. As better explained in this study an ice pack […]

Knee Pain

Knee Anatomy Frontal View

Who along you readers ever experience Knee Pain? Knee pain is a common presentation for clients of any range of age and gender. Knee pain indeed is a vast topic. So in this post, we are going to go through how to identify the reason why we can experience knee pain. For doing so we […]

Bone Fracture and MLD

bone fracture

Bond Fracture and MLD At Melbourne Thai Treatment along with Remedial Massage and Thai Massage Giovanni offers Manual Lymphatic Drainage, a pain-free technique ideal for many conditions, including Bond Fracture. As already mentioned earlier MLD is a fantastic manual technique that can be used to improve the healing of many conditions. Along with the conditions […]

Pain and MLD

MLD on Lower Leg

MLD and Pain. As previously mentioned, MLD is a massage technique pain-free. This is one of the reasons that makes it so special. It doesn’t matter where the technique is applied, the touch has to be so light, that the patient doesn’t have to feel any pain. And believe it or not, MLD can be […]

The importance of Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Thumb Circle MLD

Manual Lymphatic Drainage if used along the right type of condition, is a safe and well utile manual therapy. In the previous 2 blogs (Link 1, Link 2) I did give a quick description of how the Lymphatic System works and its relation to MLD. Now, let’s take another step to look in too how […]

Functional Test and Shoulder Pain

Empty can test, functional test

Functional test and the empty can test. What is a functional test? What is an empty can test and how does it work? Firstly, functional tests are used to test the strength or load capacity of a single muscle. Secondly, the importance of a functional test is due to avoid misinterpretation of the muscle status […]

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