Pain and MLD

MLD on Lower Leg

MLD and Pain.

As previously mentioned, MLD is a massage technique pain-free.

This is one of the reasons that makes it so special.

It doesn’t matter where the technique is applied, the touch has to be so light, that the patient doesn’t have to feel any pain.

And believe it or not, MLD can be applied right after surgery, when you get sunburn or right after physical trauma.

Indeed, what MLD does is prevent the body to feel the pain.

So, in order to explain this, I may use the mosquito bite example.

When a mosquito bites us, after several minutes we start to feel itchy.

In fact, the first auto-reaction is to start stretching the body.

What does the scratching do?

Firstly, by scratching, we stimulate the mechanoreceptors of the skin.

The mechanoreceptors, send a signal to the spine (to CNS) that inhibit the pain receptors, which are constantly stimulated from the mosquito bite.
Indeed, the pain receptor can be stimulated once and keep reacting, whereas the touch receptors, in order to be activated need constant stimulation.

Now, in MLD that’s what we do, we constantly and gently stimulate the mechanoreceptors.

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Pain Receptors

In fact, we keep inhibiting the pain receptors, reducing the pain signal frequency.

Secondly, and no less important, by stimulating the lymphatic system activity, we reduce the amount of nociceptors.

Per nociceptor, we refer to the actual sensory neuron that transports the pain signal to the spine and brain.

Furthermore, by reducing the pain, the client can start experiencing a high state of relaxation.

Indeed a high state of relaxation is another efficient way to deal with pain and eventually pour mobility, due to the injury the client is dealing with.

In conclusion, this is how MLD can reduce the pain in an injured area.

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