The importance of Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Giovanni giving MLD on patient's calf

Manual Lymphatic Drainage if used along the correct type of condition, is a safe and well utile manual therapy.

In the previous two blogs (Link 1, Link 2) I described how the Lymphatic System works and its relation to MLD.

What body find benefit from Manual Lymphatic Drainage?

As previously mentioned, the lymphatic system is so important to keep the homoeostasis of the body.

Lymph Node

Indeed, along with the following conditions, homoeostasis is compromised:

How can Manual Lymphatic Drainage help with these conditions?

Firstly, what all those conditions have in common, is that they are related to how the Lymphatic System deal with them.

So again, the healthier and more vital is the lymphatic system, the better the body’s homoeostasis.

If we look into oedema due to a hammered hand, we need a responsive and well-functioning lymphatic system to absorb that swelling.

The stronger the lymphatic system, the quicker the healing process will be.

Even a scar from a post-operation could heal faster if the lymphatic system gets adequately stimulated.

More nutrients and less dangerous components will float around the wound if the lymphatic system works stronger.

Secondly, some of these conditions are so painful that a massage is not applicable.

As we applied MLD, we would not increase the pain, thanks to the light touch.

If this post is talking to you, and you need a massage, book your next session by clicking here.

Why should MLD not be painful?

Giovanni giving MLD on patient's calf

When we apply the different strokes by dragging the skin gently around, we will stimulate the lymph vessels to collect the obligatory lymph load. Still, we will not generate pain by stimulating pain receptors.

Furthermore, the repetitive mechanical stimulation would activate what in science is called the gate theory.

The gate theory looks into the interneurons’ inhibitory response, which reduces the pain signal reaching the brain, consequently decreasing the pain response.

MLD and coontroindications.

MLD can’t be applied to Acute infection, Untreated Cancers, Untreated Thrombus, Congestive heart failure, or intoxicated persons.

Minor contraindications include Hypertension/Diabetes n1, Autoimmune disease, Asthma, Hypo/Hyperthyroidism, pregnancy, and a history of tuberculosis.

In conclusion, I am honoured to have the knowledge and the skill to use and apply such a technique.

Even though, for now, I can’t yet treat people with Lymphodema and or clients who had lymph nodes removed or are looking for a post-cancer treatment.

What I got to offer to this patient, anyway, is a reference for other practitioners. So if this is you, please get in touch with me, and I can refer you to your nearest practitioner.




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