Dynamic Cupping

Quietly often I still get asked what is cupping and how does cupping work?

Firstly, Cupping is a type of alternative therapy based on placing cups on the skin to create suction.

Indeed, the suction would pull the skin up from the muscle layer, drugging back the fascia layer seating below it.

Cupping is gentle work on the body, not invasive and at the same time is an amazing technique to stimulate and facilitate the fascia.

We did look into the fascia in a previous blog post. If you have missed it, you may wanna click here.


On the other hand, there are different types of beliefs and methodologies about cupping’s functionality.

Cupping gun

Some of those can be a bit more invasive, and dangerous too.

Said so, I guarantee my clients that these are not practices that are available at Melbourne Thai Treatment.

For how I got trained in giving cupping, my aiming as giving cupping is:
– Leave no marks
– No cutting the skin
– Painfree
– No blood stagnation

Now, by following the order of the action listed here above:
Marks are a sign of blood stagnation. Accidentally can happen to leave a mark on someone’s skin, and many are factors involved in it: Skin type is one and another one is if the area that received cup was already massaged or not.

As Remedial Massage therapists or Thai Massage Therapists, we are NOT trained to cut anyone’s skin.

Furthermore, you have to think that when this practice is involved there is a great risk of skin infection.
Why do some practitioners do so?! None of my business. I just don’t believe it is necessary, and I don’t believe it has any benefit.
As per many detox diets and detox programs, the body is your best allay and best detoxer of itself.

If this post is talking to you, and you are in need of a massage, book your next session by clicking here.

In regards to pain, Cupping must be pain-free.

Along a cupping session, you may feel a strong pull along the skin, but no sharp, ache or pinch sensation should be present at any moment.

Indeed, to help the cup slide easily oil or cream oil-based get used.

When happens that a mark gets left behind, doesn’t necessarily create pain or discomfort.

Another cupping precaution is to avoid over-pass a cup on joints and or tendons. The cupping force could rip or damage those areas, resulting in permanent damage and pain.

Lastly, no blood stagnation.

Cupping’s desired result as per many massage modalities is to generate a physiological response that would reduce tissue stress. Through the gentle tissue stress, muscles relaxed and the chain of manual therapy benefits starts.




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