I did my back

“I was lifting the box from the floor, and then, ouch I did my back”!

How often have you heard this?

What’s going on here?

Lower back pain is a common presentation that affects many people all around the world.

But hurting your back when picking a box, or even a lightweight as the key, or tightening the shoes, is an injury that doesn’t affect only those with lower back pain.

So to explain the mechanism behind these incidents, we have to look into what we call “proprioceptors”, specifically “muscle spindle”.

Proprioceptors are body receptors within the skin, muscles and joints that reveal information about the body’s movement and send this information to the brain.

How that information is transmitted to the brain is by different types of a pathway that we will see in a future post.

In specific, today, we are going to look at the “muscle spindle”.

What did Muscle Spindles have to do with my back then?

As mentioned above, a muscle spindle can alter muscle consistency.

So, when banding forward to pick up the key or do the shoes lase, the back muscle must relax, as they have to stretch.

But, if the muscle spindle doesn’t tell the back muscle to relax as you bend, those muscles will stay contracted, and guess what happens next?

“Ouch, I did my back.”

How to prevent the injury then?

Giovanni doing cat cow position

To prevent an injury as such, movement is the answer.

Movement, as simple as a cat and cow exercise, would create that feedback response between your lower back area and the brain that, in the long term, would ensure your brain knows that when bending, the posterior portion of the body needs to be told to relax.

Said so simple movement can prevent the injury, but further exercises, like a deadlift, can help your entire posterior chain to get stronger and get you to the next level of strengthening.

But before lifting heavy weights, let’s not forget the importance of looking into mobility.

In conclusion, to prevent this injury from happening, start moving. Incorporate regular breaks from your seating at the desk.

Have a timer on your desk that, every 45 minutes, remind you to stand up, have a stretch and short walk, a water sip and get back to work.

Book your next massage session at Melbourne Massage and Treatment if this post talks to you.

How can Massage help?

Massage therapy can help in different ways.

First, it can help reduce the muscular tension within the lower back area.

Second, the massage touch can help increase that body awareness, preventing further injury.

The recovery process from an injury does depend from person to person. But within a few sessions within 1 to 2 months, using a mix of techniques, like MLD, Myotherapy and or Thai Massage, there is a good chance of good recovery and injury prevention.

Exercises play an important role too in this recovery phase.

Giovanni doing Cat Cow Position

How Many Sessions would I need?

As already mentioned, everyone is different.

Based on my experience, to help someone recover from an injury, initially, it can take up to 5 sessions spread over two months to achieve a good result.

And again, this is not only about Massage but also about corrective exercises.

Therefore, I offer a treatment plan allowing you to uptake five sessions of any treatment type at a discount rate of 10%.

This offer is valid for returning clients who already had an initial consultation. This would allow me, as a therapist, to ensure I am the right therapist for you and that we can create a treatment plan that works for you and that you can use for your benefit.


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