A Hand inserting needle in to a forearm for a dry needling session

Myotherapy is a massage technique to treat or prevent soft tissue pain and restricted joint movement.

“Myotherapy” stands for “Myo” Muscle “Therapy” therapy.

In Australia, and specifically in Melbourne, it is a practice that took over the massage market in the last few decades and is not becoming more and more popular.

There is Dry Needling and Joint Mobilization along the different techniques used in a Myotherapy treatment.

Is Myotherapy Safe?

Dry Needling session on the shoulder

Yes, Myotherapy is a safe treatment.

Said so, you want to ensure that the therapist treating you has their qualification up to date.

Here is a link to my qualification.

What about Dry Needling in a Myotherapy Treatment?

Dry needling is one of the many ways a Myotherapist can treat a client, but it is unnecessary.

Before using needles, the therapist always has to double-check with the clients the following:

  • No metal allergy
  • No bleeding disorders
  • No needle fear or phobia
  • The client feels comfortable with such treatment
  • The therapist does explain how dry needling works

Is Myotherapy available at Melbourne Massage and Treatment?

Yes, it is.

I am a fully qualified Myotherapist who completed an Advance Diploma in Myotherapy at RMIT University.

On top of all, I am now enrolled in the last year of my Bachelor’s Degree in the Myotherapy Clinic at Torrens University.

What’s the difference between Myotherapy Treatment and Remedial Massage?

Myotherapy is similar to a Remedial Massage session.

The difference is that a Myotherapist has more knowledge about the human anatomy, joints, and functionality.

So before the session, the therapist would guide the patient through a specific range of motion to evaluate the body’s presentation.

Done so, the therapist has an idea of what can be done to improve the body’s presentation.

Furthermore, a Myotherapist is trained to use mobilization, which is a repetitive joint movement to improve the joint’s range of motion.

My favourite “mobs” are along the spine.

They consist of a gentle push over the transverse process of the spine.

Applying this constant firm push, the transverse process gain mobility, allowing all the muscle inserts originating from that joint to be more mobile.

Is a mobilization the same as what a chiro does?

Giovanni applying Hip joint mobilisation on a patient lying on the table

No is not.

The Chiro makes an adjustment, which is a fast joint pull or push, to adjust its position or functionality.

Along with an adjustment, the patient has no control over the fast movement.

Indeed, during mobilisation, the patient can take control of the push and stop the treatment if he/she does feel uncomfortable.

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