Frozen Shoulder

Normal and Frozen Shoulder

Frozen Shoulder


Frozen shoulder, is also known as per the name “adhesive capsulitis”.

A frozen shoulder as per the name is a shoulder that would barely move.

image of a shoulder capsule

Both signs and symptoms typically begin slowly and then get worse.

Recovery time is subjective.

A common cause of a Frozen Shoulder is having to keep a shoulder still for a long period, like after an accident.

Even if is not clear yet why there are also psychosomatic reasons why a shoulder can get frozen.


Frozen Shoulder symptoms developed in 3 different stages.

The stage’s timing is subjective.

  • Freezing stage
    Shoulder range of motion starts decreasing, and pain shows up/increases.
  • Frozen stage
    The Shoulder would freeze up. The movement is really limited, even though is less painful.
  • Thawing stage
    In this stage, the range of motions are slowly coming back

Pain can be worst at night.

This may happen because of the sleeping position, or because at night, the sensory feeling is more acute than daytime when the body is busy perceiving more sensation.


Connective tissues do surround the shoulder joint, like a capsule.

Indeed, when this capsule thickens and tightens around the shoulder joint, it does restrict the joint’s movement.

As already mentioned above, is not clear yet why this can happen. Most often is due to physical injuries or traumas.

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Risk factors for Frozen Shoulder

Age and gender

Women are more luckily to suffer from this condition.

Also, age plays a crucial role in this type of pathology. People 40 and over in luckier indeed to develop F.S.

Immobility or reduced range of motion.

Systemic diseases

Here is a list of specific conditions that can increase the possibility to suffer from F.S.:

  • Diabetes
  • Overactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism)
  • Underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism)
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Parkinson’s disease

    Normal and Frozen Shoulder


There are not many preventive factors when it gets to F.S.
This is because the main cause of F.S. is holding the shoulder back from doing movements, due to a previous injury, most of the time.

What can help, and this is how Melbourne Massage and Treatment services come in handy is to do MLD sessions on the area surrounding the injury.

How MLD can help by stimulating the lymphatic system work and boosting the recovery process.

Also, MLD would help in reducing inflammation.

Other massage technique such as Myotherapy or Remedial Massage and or Thai Massage is not as effective for this type of condition.

Another successful method, that can help once Frozen Shoulder is already developed, is by using Hydrodilatation.

This methodology consists in injecting sterile water into the joint capsule, in order to stretch the open space and bring the shoulder back to its ROM.

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