The importance of Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Thumb Circle MLD

Manual Lymphatic Drainage if used along the right type of condition, is a safe and well utile manual therapy.

In the previous 2 blogs (Link 1, Link 2) I did give a quick description of how the Lymphatic System works and its relation to MLD.

Now, let’s take another step to look in too how MLD can be applied to different types of body conditions.

As previously mentioned, the lymphatic system is so important to keep the homoeostasis of the body.

Lymph Node

Indeed, along with the following conditions, homoeostasis is compromised:

Skin Burn

Chronic Inflammation (plantar fascitis, tendinitis…)



Scar reduction and prevention

Pre and post-operation body rehabilitation

Improving the bell function


Skin puffiness and or Acne

and more…

But how is it possible that Manual Lymphatic Drainage can improve all these types of conditions?

Firstly, what all those conditions have in common, is that they are related to how the Lymphatic System deal with them.

So again, the healthier and stronger is the lymphatic system, the better the body’s homoeostasis.

In fact, if we look into oedema, due to a hammered hand, in order for that swelling to be absorbed, is the lymphatic system that has to do the job.

The stronger the lymphatic system is, the quicker will be the healing process.

Even a scar from a post-operation could heal faster if the lymphatic system gets properly stimulated.

More nutrients and less dangerous components would float around the wound if the lymphatic system works stronger.

Secondly, some of these conditions are so painful that a massage is not applicable.

As we applied MLD we don’t want to increase the pain.

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Indeed, when we applied the different strokes, by dragging gently the skin around, we will stimulate the lymph vessels in collecting the obligatory lymph load, but we will not generate pain by stimulating pain receptors.

In fact how MLD work in regards to the pain receptors in specific?

Well, this is another peculiarity of this technique, but I will go through it in the next blog post.

Said so, in regards to the safety of MLD we can be quite sure that there are just a few contraindications to its use.

MLD can’t be applied to Acute infection, Untreated Cancers, Untreated Thrombus, Congestive heart failure, or intoxicated persons.

Minor contraindications are conditions such as Hypertension/Diabetes n1, Autoimmune disease, Asthma, Hypo/Hyperthyroidism, pregnancy, and a history of tuberculosis.

In conclusion, I am honoured to have the knowledge and the skill to use and apply such a technique.

I can’t wait to master those skills and start helping people.

Even though, for now, I can’t yet treat people with Lymphodema and or clients who had lymph nodes removed.




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