First Massage Appointment

Giovanni giving a Thai Massage as part of treatment plan to a client

First Massage Appointment.

At Melbourne Thai Treatment, a first massage appointment session does last a bit longer than a regular appointment.

Indeed, if you go on the booking page, you may notice that the first appointment lasted 75mins.

Why so?!

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Well, within the first appointment, as a therapist my aim is to track down your Clinical History.

For doing so there is initially a form to fill in and in a second stage few subjective questions that I am going to ask.

Questions are like:

“What do you do for work?”

“What sports activity do you do or did?”

“On what side do you sleep?”

“Are you Right or Left Handed?”

These and other questions, relevant always to the presentation that you come in with, are for me therapist essential to understand how you end up having the pain or discomfort that I have to remove or reduce.

Obviously, those questions asked during the first massage appointment can take a bit of time to be answered

Occasionally an answer gives space to a new question.

Said so, the more specific are the answer more I can narrow down the clinical situation.

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As per result, will be easier to find a path to alleviate pain and discomfort.

On the other hand, as the session last longer than a regular visit, as a therapist I charge a bit more.

For a Remedial Massage and a Thai Massage a first appointment session would last 75mins.

About MLD a first Massage session would last 60 minutes.

Indeed, with this post, I would like to share and explain to any clients that the first appointment is not more expensive because I am greedy.

Is through, the time we spend doing the massage itself is per usual the same time that we would spend during a general consultation.

But, that initial time that we spend working out your Clinical History, will save time after actually treating the condition.

In conclusion, I would not see the first appointment as an extra expense, but as an investment in your health.

Before we find out what’s the cause of your pain, and discomfort before I can create a proper treatment for it.

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