Thai Yoga Class

Self Thai Massage

Thai Yoga, is an exercise practice that would take you to a place of relaxation and better physical and mental well-being.

As you may already read on the website page about Thai Yoga, this exercise aims to improve your mobility, motility, and body awareness.

Those exercises are based on the principle of Thai Massage and Myotherapy approach.

I did study Thai Massage with Arjan Pichest Boonthumme, at his home school in Chiang Mai.

Indeed is Pichest the pioneer of this type of exercise.

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He teaches his students to practice those exercises in order to help us, students, to understand how to reduce physical tension from the body, and to be a better practitioner. Even though he doesn’t call them Thai Yoga.

Pichest exercises

When I left Thailand after my 1st period of training with Pichest (early 2018), I start practising these exercises nearly daily. I was not following a specific sequence, and I was not offering yet the workshop.

As I kept working as a massage therapist, and I was suggesting these exercises to my clients, to keep tensions low and enforce the job done with the Thai Massage, I then realise how all these exercises put together, could actually help others heal their bodies and improve their health.

I start then offering these classes at the Dancehouse in Carlton, and occasionally I will offer free classes at the Carlton Garden too.

So how it works a Thay Yoga class?

Well, as per Thai Massage based, those exercises aim to work on muscle’s tensions and reproduce physiological responses that massage would usually generate.

Said so, as you work on your body, and you feel in first person the stimulus and the response given to the stimulus, you would be able to improve your body awareness.

How it does differ from a regular Yoga class?

The difference from a regular Yoga class is that along with a Thai Yoga class, most of the exercises don’t require a specific elasticity or mobility capacity, even though, once you practice them you would realize how easier is to move a joint and how freer the body is feeling.

This happens because during the class, as we stimulate the blood flow starting from the upper limb, and moving down the lower limb, the body gets warmer, and the stiffness gets cleared away.

Furthermore, during the class, I would show how the usage of the breathing wave technique helps in mastering the practice.

This way of breathing, not only improves the oxygenation of the body, and so the healing of it, but also helps the participant to learn how to deal with the body sensation that arises along with the workshop.

Yes, I would not lie to you, some of these exercises can reproduce pain.

But hey, have you ever heard of a Thai Massage pain-free? Well, Thai Yoga exercises are not so different from it.

In conclusion, Thai Yoga is not recommended for those with conditions like hypertension, osteoporosis and or diabetes n. 1 or whilst pregnant.

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