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How good is it to receive a massage? What are the benefits of massage?

Often in this blog, I have been talking about how the different massage technique works, but never an explicit post about the benefits of massage with a more broad approach.

From the modalities of Remedial Massage to the history of massage, to how MLD can be good for bond fracture or swelling along the body.

But it is time to draw a line and talk about the general benefit of a massage.

Massages are beneficial for endless reasons.

For example, massage does stimulate blood flow.

Increased blood flow is what mainly does the trick in removing that nasty knot from the shoulder.

On the other hand, a massage does also increase the production of neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine.

In addition, this does also reduce the Cortisol, which is responsible for the body’s stress response.

More information about those chemical reactions is available from this study.Home Clinic

Moving forward, massage is also helpful for stimulating the regeneration of the skin.

Here then maybe we want to differentiate the benefit of Relaxation massage from Thai Massage or other techniques where there is no topic cream or oil used.

Other benefits of massage are then the reduction of body aches and pain.

The older we get, the more our body aches and pain manifest, and said so, a tough massage such as Remedial Massage or Thai Massage is not always easy to take.

Therefore, I always suggest MLD as a technique for clients who can’t stand strong pressure during a massage session.

Improving mobility is another big benefit of massage.

I do love to receive Thai Massage from a practitioner who studied with Pichest.

The improvement of mobility after a Thai Massage is just amazing.

Back to the benefits of massage, let’s not forget that a massage can also be the perfect Gift Card.

At Melbourne Thai Treatment we offer Gift Card for your love ones.

In conclusion, don’t wait for the body to stop, or for the pain to be unbearable.

A massage can be good for reducing body aches, but it can be good as even just to reduce body and mind stress.

Reducing general stress, can improve your well-being and keep your aches away still for a while.

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