Altar within a Massage Clinic

Altar with in a massage clinic

Altar within a Massage Clinic.

As you may already know, part of my training was done in Thailand at Pichest Boonthumme Thai Massage School.

That’s where I learn about Altar within a Massage Clinic

Pichest, as already mentioned in a previous blog post, is a unique way of teaching.

In fact, he doesn’t only share the massage knowledge.

He included in his teaching a methodology of life.

Included in this methodology there is the dedication to prayer and meditation.

Altar with in a massage clinic

Even though I haven’t included the prayer yet in my experience, I did include the meditation.

In order to do so, in order to build a stronger attitude toward those practices, at Melbourne Thai Treatment clinic there is a little altar the clinic.

On the altar, based on the teaching of Pichest, I do expose my offer and memory to the Buddha, to Mamma and Papa’, and to the Teacher.

In addition, I did decide to place objects or pictures that recall for me a special time, a memory o a person that someone, shared with me some teaching.

Furthermore, just below the altar, there are the products that I sell as the Incenses.

But you know what’s the funny thing about the altar present at the Home Clinic here in Blair St?

Well, it was already there. I didn’t have to install it.

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True fact is that, when we came for the house inspection, we right away address that room as the clinic, due to the presence of the wooden altar.

A few days after we did move in, I did find out the truth about our neighbour that someone else, before us, already was running a massage studio in the same room. What a coincidence, right?!

In conclusion, I am working on my way to improving my practice, and not as a massage therapist only, by taking the Myotherapy course, but also by improving my meditation practice and my prayer practice.

I can’t define myself as a religious person, but even though I believe in trust and faith.

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