Water after a massage

Water after a massage.

Have you ever noticed that after a massage you feel thirsty and depending on the treatment you may have an urgency to go to the toilet?

Well, massages are diuretics, that’s why.

Indeed, independently of the type of treatment that you receive, whether is MLD, Remedial Massage, or Thai Massage, the body fluid gets pushed and pumped around the all body.

As per consequence, all these substances moved around need to find their way out.

So, after any session, you wanna make sure to rehydrate your body.

Drink water after a massage.

Water pour in a glass

Why water and not orange juice? Or an energy drink? Or coffee?

Water is what is recommended after a massage because it’s what can at the best re-oxygenate the muscle and re-hydrate the body.

Drinking a sugary drink, or a really acid beverage as it can be coffee will just dry off the body even more.

Furthermore, water is quicker to be absorbed and can help the stomach to keep its natural PH balance.

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Another effect of the massage can be the deep relaxation of the body, which can affect the stomach and abdominal feeling.

Indeed, adding sugar or other substances to the PH of a stomach that feels so relaxed, may not work at the best.

What about the water temperature then?

Cold or warm?

Well, let’s take down the myth that cold water makes you feel fresher.

Sorry, it doesn’t.

Drinking cold water brings the body temperature down, increasing then the difference in temperature between within the body and outside the body. That will make you feel even hotter.

But I do understand that hot water unless is herbal tea, doesn’t feel so nice. Even though, warm water would be ideal, as its temperature would be the same as one of our inner organs.

So, temperature-wise just drinks water at room temperature if you can’t stand hot water.


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