Music and Massage

Fip logo music for massage

Massage and music at Melbourne Thai Treatment Studio.

Music is such an important part of receiving and giving a massage.

As our body gets stimulated from the touch of the practitioner, music can tune in with the healing touch and create a different atmosphere.

Said so, I never found it too hard to choose what music to play.

Lately, I did decide to step away from platforms such as Spotify or Youtube.


Well, starting with YouTube, there is way too much publicity, and I don’t really use it as much that I would need an account for it.

In regards to Spotify, I just can’t stand their politics.

The artists get paid nothing for each time we listen to their music, and I found it really unfair.

So, more recently, I discover a really nice French Radio called FIP.

FIP stands for France Inter Paris.

The concept behind FIP has scarcely changed since its founding: commercial-free music interrupted only by occasional announcements about forthcoming cultural events.

Why did I choose FIP?

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Fip logo music for massage

I choose Fip as it has a broad range of music styles and is commercial-free

The last thing you want to hear during a massage is publicity, isn’t it?

Furthermore, I use it all day long in the house, it has a really massive range of music choices.

During the treatments, I mostly play Jazz music as is the one that best suits the environment.

In regards to MLD, though, I don’t play music during those sessions.


Well, MLD is a light touch treatment that doesn’t have to follow a bit. In fact, having music, for us MLD therapists can be distractive.

Along with the MLD treatment, I have to be so focused that I can’t get distracted by the music’s rhythm. That would change the rhythmic of my touch and massage speed, interrupting the healing purpose of MLD.

In conclusion, I never received a complaint about the Music choice, so I guess your customers appreciate the choice and respect the idea that under pay an artist, is just not fair.



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