Neck Pain

neck pain

Neck Pain.

Neck pain is something that we all did experience at some point in life and is not fun.

Neck pain can manifest for very different reasons, it can be chronic, it can come and go and can debilitate our day.

How we can prevent neck pain to happen?

And, if I am in pain, what I can do?

Neck Anatomy

Firstly we should have an understanding of the neck anatomy.

The neck is made from the cervical vertebrae that run from C0 to C7.

The first 3, so C0, C1, C2 are a bit unique.

Due to their position and to the muscle that they connect, they can be considered the upper portion of the neck.

Along those 3 vertebrae, we find the Occipital Muscle Group, which we did talk about in this blog post.

From C3 to C7, indeed we have the lower portion of the neck.

Along those vertebrae, we find different muscle groups.

Some of those connect cervical vertebrae to the thoracic one, like Splenius Cervicis.

Others connect the vertebrae to the scapula or to the skull, like Levator Scapulae, and Splenius Capitis.

As of last we then have the upper portion of the Erector Spinae group, which connects the rib cage to the Cervical and Skull area. Like, Longissimus Capitis, Longissimus Cervis, Illiocostalis Cervis and Semispinalis Capitis.

Now that we are a bit more aware of what is where, we can start to understand that neck pain can be for many, many, and many reasons.

So, what to do then?

Well, a massage therapist can be the one that thanks to orthopaedic tests and Range of Motion analysis can tell you what’s going on and where.

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Indeed, neck pain can be present because of the rounding of the shoulders.

Or even because of a flat foot instead.

“And what about the wrong pillow?!”

Yes, the pillow can influence the neck life, that’s for sure. But maybe is the way that you sleep, and not the pillow only.

Said so, with either a Remedial massage or a Thai Massage neck pain can be healed and cured.

Both those techniques can address the issue and help in preventing the flare-up of the pain. Cervical Occipital Exercise

In regards to the Remedial Massage, it can be applied in a prone, supine or seated position, using hands and elbow mainly.

When it comes to Thai Massage then, there is more fun. Well, at least for the therapist.

In the Thai Massage that I offer here at Melbourne Thai Treatment, I can use my hands, elbow, or even my feet to work on the neck.

Obviously, I did train for it.

And let me tell you, not because I use my foot it means is a stronger work.

Actually, it is a more delicate and accurate touch than what you may expect.

If then the person presents with a bulging disk in the cervical area, then things get a bit more complicated.

To receive a massage there, I would request the clearance of the GP, and I may proceed by using MLD only.

MLD can be a fabulous technique to work on to the neck.

It can help in reducing swelling and speed up the recovery of the building disk too.

In conclusion, to avoid neck pain is good to take some precautions.

Like, spending less time on the phone, moving the neck with gentle movement and stretching, taking regular breaks from the computer if working too many hours at the PC, make your deep flexor stronger (see the blog post about the Front Head Carriage).

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