Corrective Exercises VS Massage

corrective exercises fore arm

As Massage Therapist, I often see people who come in for treatment due to pain and discomfort.

Indeed, I am more than happy to be that person who, by manual therapy, can alleviate others’ agony.

Exercises post-treatment.

At the end of the treatment, I tend to show the client a series of corrective exercises and, most of the time, a straightforward one.

Those corrective exercises must be done to help maintain the change we created in the body along the massage session.

Massage treatments like Myotherapy, Remedial Massage, Thai Massage or MLD can be a good starting point to change the musculoskeletal unbalance of the body.

Even though the changes we created will not last long unless there is constant work done on it.

corrective exercises pelvis tilt

So, when the client returns to routine life, those change tends to disappear quickly.

That’s why we give clients exercises.

How can exercises help?

Exercise can help address everyday muscle weakness, joint stiffness and or painful presentation on your own time.

And yes, I understand it’s hard to find the time to do exercises, but would you rather live a life in pain or find a way to feel better about yourself?

It’s part of our behaviour to want the fast, quick and immediate change we want. Isn’t it?!

But nothing comes easy in life.

We must learn that changes take time, and along this time, we must work hard for it.

Said so, I am more than happy, and I feel honoured to treat people.

I feel like Massage skill is one of the skills that can change people’s life.

And when I do run a Thai Yoga class and teach people the exercises, I feel even more accomplished as a massage therapist.

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In conclusion, postural exercises are the key if you are willing to get rid of the body ache and pain.

Then, working at the gym or doing sports activities is still as important.

But those activities, if not monitored by a coach or done professionally and with full awareness, can lead to injury and pain.

Indeed, when doing strengthening exercises, you want to ensure you correctly use the body biomechanics. But not only that. Indeed, you want to make sure that your joint has enough range of motion to deliver that action correctly.

Following this link will give you access to the Thai Yoga Class videos.



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