Remedial Massage Strokes

Remedial Massage

Strokes that we use as Remedial Massage therapiDIP Stroke Massage Shouldersts.

As previously mentioned, a remedial massage is different from a relaxation massage.

Indeed, a remedial massage aims to speed up the recovery process from an injury or musculoskeletal dysfunction.

Therefore, in a remedial massage, we use a bigger variety of strokes, and we can dive them into static, and dynamic.

As per result, static strokes, don’t involve the client’s movement, like DIP.

On the other hand, dynamic strokes require a resistance or a movement of the client’s body, like MET for example.

Indeed, in the table below, we can find a list of strokes that remedial massage therapists use.

MFTT – Myofascial Tension TechniqueApplied skin on skin with oil-based cream. The same principle is used in dynamic cuppings.

It aims to break the fascia connecting the skin to the muscles, reducing cutaneous tensions and improving muscle and joint mobility.

DIP – Digital Ischemic PressureDIP is a stroke that consists in applying pressure on a Trigger Point.

So, by applying this pressure, as therapists, we aim to reproduce pain within a comfortable zone (7 out of 10 at worst).

As the pressure is applied the pain will decrease and the muscle will increase its mobility and length.

MET – Muscular Energy TechniqueMET is a manual therapy that uses the gentle muscle contractions of the patient to relax and lengthen muscles and normalize joint motion.

So, as therapists, we passively stretch the joint of the client to a safe level, and then we ask the client to meet our resistance to the movement.

As per result, the muscle will increase their lengthening.

PNF – Proprioceptive Neuromuscular FacilitationPNF techniques include passive stretching and isometric muscle contractions.

Therefore, the PNF protocol involves a specific pattern of contracting, stretching, and relaxing.

Cross Fiber FrictionCross fibre friction is a firm pressure applied perpendicular to the fibre direction.

In conclusion, not all of these techniques can be used during one treatment.

In fact, before applying a technique as therapists we have to evaluate the body tensions and the needing of the clients.

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