Remedial Massage

Cupping Session Remedial Massage

In this post, I talk about Remedial Massage and how this technique is applied in my services.

What is a Remedial Massage?
How does it work?
Where did I train for this type of massage?

As per the name, remedial massage aims to improve the quality of life of the clients, by giving a remedy to her/his physical disconfort/s.

Remedial Massage

So, to start with we describe the difference between a remedial massage and a general relaxation massage.

Indeed, a relaxation massage is a combination of soft and deep strokes.

Therefore, those strokes are applied using oils.

A relaxation massage aims to stimulate physical and mental relaxation by pushing the blood and body fluids around the body.

In regards to the remedial massage, the therapist, before the massage will go through a complete assessment of injuries and or musculoskeletal conditions.

As per result, the therapist creates a comprehensive treatment plan to manage or rehabilitate the injuries or pain.

Indeed, a remedial massage would speed up the process of healing and recovery.

In conclusion, at the end of each session, the therapist would demonstrate and provide the client with corrective exercises that can support the client’s wellbeing and recovery.

About my training for remedial massage, I did study at the RMIT University, here in Melbourne.

In 2020, the world stopped because of Covid-19 I took the occasion to quit my previous job and get back to studying massage.

I don’t regret my choice.

Indeed I will keep studying in 2022, for the advanced diploma in Myotherapy.

I want to keep learning and improving my massage skills and knowledge, to offer always a better service.

Said so, I will keep offering Thai Massage as a massage service too. Remedial Massage Thai

In fact, as I already mentioned in another blog post, the technique that I work with is not so demanding on my body.

In fact, it allows me to enjoy more what I do and allows the client to receive a better level of healing.

True fact is that the client after a Thai Massage session, here at Melbourne Thai Treatment, told me always how they feel lighter, better, less stressed and more aware of their body feels.

In the next blog post, I am going to talk about the strokes that we use in Remedial Massage and how I implement those strokes in Thai Massage.

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