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Home Based Massage Clinic

Melbourne Massage and Treatment offers its services within a Home Based Massage Clinic in Coburg, due to a series of factors that I will try to summarise below.

  • Space
  • Service Offered
  • Time and Days

As shown on the services page, Melbourne Massage and Treatment offered a broad range of massage techniques,

Space and Equipment for Thai Massage

Each of these services needs a space to be delivered, and specific equipment.

As per the example, the space that takes to set up the Thai Massage mats, yes mats, because Traditional Thai Massage is practised on the floor and not on a table, is 2m by 2m for the mats only.

Now, let’s consider that as a Therapist, I need to walk around the mats occasionally, which requires extra space.

Furthermore, some clinics have carpet on the floor, and that’s not what you want to lie on too.

Carpet is not an easy surface to keep clean, so better avoid it when a client lies on the floor.

In fact, at my home, the floor is made of wood.

But this is one of the reasons why Thai Massage can’t be easily offered at the Front Shop clinic.

Another reason is that what you find as Thai Massage in most of the shops around Melbourne is often combined with services far from the massage, and I don’t want to confuse my clientele.

In conclusion, about the Thai Massage service, when a multiroom clinic gets set up, the space must be as efficient as possible

Indeed, the smaller the rooms, the more room you can fit.

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Myotherapy and Remedial Massage Equipment.

The electric table from Firm and Fold is not cheap equipment, but it is an investment for me, the therapist, to minimise and prevent body aches and injuries.

Thanks to the hydraulic support, I can adjust the high of the table as needed.

Indeed, when I work with MLD, having the table at the right high is essential.

As per result, the high the table during an MLD session would often change.Thai Massage Service

For the last of the reason listed, we got time and days.

Yes, along with study life, it’s hard to organise a fixed working schedule.

I can’t be open 5 or 7 days a week.

And time-wise, too, it’s hard to be available any day off from school.

Therefore, having a home-based massage clinic maximises the availability.

In conclusion to this post, I then can say that working from home makes me feel like I am in a space that I did create and that I look after all the time.

It makes me feel I can truly deliver what Melbourne Thai Treatment services are.

And Melbourne Massage and Treatment Services are not a factory massage-style service.

I am not here to maximise the number of clients and minimise the service quality.

Indeed, I care about what I do, and I prefer to work in an environment that feels and looks good.

Just like a home does.

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