Tennis Elbow

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Tennis Elbow


Tennis elbow or even known as Lateral Epicondylitis is a condition that occurs on the lateral side of the forearm, at the elbow’s high.

A common cause is repetitive motions of the wrist and arm.

The name Tennis Elbow is just a reference to how common this condition can be in tennis players.

Said so Lateral Epicondylitis is a condition that can affect anyone.

The pain as per Golfer’s Elbow starts from the elbow area, in this case from the lateral side, and can irradiate down the arm to the wrist.

Rest and counter medication can help relieve symptoms.

In some cases, surgery is required.

Tennis Elbow Symptoms

The pain generated by the tennis elbow may radiate down the forearm along the lateral side (thumb side).

In addition to the pain, you may experience weakness too.

Here is a list of actions that may come difficult to do

  • Shake hands or grip an object
  • Turn a door handle
  • Hold a cup of water


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As Lateral Epicondolytis is overuse and strain of muscle, it is caused by repeated contraction of the forearm muscles extensor.

These repetitive stretches and movements can lead to tiny tears in the tendon tissue, creating inflammation and pain within the elbow area.

Most often, playing tennis with the pour technique can replicate this condition, especially by using repeated backhand strokes.

Many other common motions can cause tennis elbow.
Here is an extended list:

  • Using plumbing tools, which require strong grips
  • Painting
  • Using screwdrivers
  • Food preparation, especially when the knife is not sharp
  • Working in the office using a mouse for long hours

Treatment Options

At Melbourne Thai Treatment Giovanni offers a variety of options for treating Lateral Epicondylitis.

As per inflammation of tendons and muscles, MLD may be the most recommended.

Thanks to the light touch and repetitive movement, MLD allows stimulating the Lymphatic System directly which would take care of the inflamed area.

A combination of Remedial Massage or Thai Massage or Myotherapy technique with MLD can help even in releasing more tensions along the arm and elbow.

In addition to the massage technique offered at Melbourne Thai Treatment, exercises placed as per usual a crucial role in recovery.

In specific we can look in too eccentric exercises, which slow, lengthening muscle contractions.

Here is a link to eccentric exercises for the Tennis Elbow.

As you may notice in this video, the extension motion of the wrist, is supported by the other hand.

By doing so, the extensor muscle of the forearm that needs training is not working hard. So the actual strengthening is happening in the wrist’s flexion, when the extensor muscles, are stretching under the extra pressure of the weight.




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